Chapter 37

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-Here's another chapter for you all!! I hope you enjoy! Also, I'm getting excited for the fight of Toman Vs Tenjiku to begin! And this chapter is Kinda short!-





The group turned around to see Baji walking towards them, along with Chifuyu following behind him. Kazutora was at following far behind them, parking his motorbike at the sidewalk.

The three of them have bruises, but overall they look fine. They easily defeated those Tenjiku members, anyways and they aren't that many compared to those who where surrounding the Mizo Crew and (Y/n).

'I thought you three weren't going to come, or something happened.' The female told them, as the Tenjiku members stared at the three.

"We just finished beating up the others." Kazutora said, while Baji was already cracking his knuckles. "And it looks like there's more."

The three stood alongside the Mizo Crew and (Y/n), while Tenjiku members surrounded them acting high and mighty.

They suddenly heard some people screaming at the back, making their attention turn to those who were yelling.

"They're here already?" Baji asked in in dissapointment. "I still wanna beat someone up."

"You can beat them up later in their dreams." (Y/n) assured her, making the male grin widely.

"He's hitting us with a motorcycle!" The ones in the back shouted for the others to hear.

"It's the twin brothers of 'Meguro'!" Another exclaimed.

'What?' Takemichi thought in confusion as they watch the Tenjiku members panicking around.


"He's gonna mow us!"

They all ran around panicking and some were bumping each other, (Y/n) was enjoying their pain and criticising them.

"Yo, first division captain." Angry greeted Takemichi, who stared at him in confusion.

'But Nahoya-kun usually smiles—' Takemichi thought, but got cut off by (Y/n).

'That's because he isn't Nahoya.' The female told him but she know that he isn't paying her any attention. 'That's his twin brother.'

"Look." Angry pointed at Yamamoto, who was on his motorcycle and was beaten up.

"He looks badly injured." (Y/n) told them with a neutral look.

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