Chapter 14

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-Here's the awaited chapter!! I can't focus writing/typing this chapter because of my excitement so I apologise if some things don't make sense-
-Read it till the end ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
-Polybius Square (5x5)-







"Both team Representatives, step forward!" Hansen stated as the atmosphere thickens while both teams glared at each other.

Draken and Kazutora stepped infront and faced each other with seriousness written in their features.

"A five on five in your best guys, or an all out melee with everyone?" Hansen asked the two. "Which will it be?"

"Valhalla picked this fight with us. So, you decide, Kazutora." Draken told the male.


"We just have one conditon." Draken told him as he glared down at him. "If Toman win this battle, we will take Baji back."

"Baji joined our gang on his own. There's no taking him back now." Kazutora stated, a smirk arousing his features. "But if Valhalla wins, (Y/n)-chan will join Valhalla."

"She's not going to join your Gang." Draken spat back, both harshly glaring at each other.

'Why did they involve me, Crybaby?' (Y/n) asked the pissed haired male, who took a glance at her.

'Aren't you the one who's supposed to know that?' He asked back, making (Y/n) nods.

'You got a point.' She stated as she watch the scene infront.

The female boredly watch the scene infront of her as Kazutora suddenly punched Hansen, making her frown.

She can see Kisaki glaring at her from time to time, making her slightly chuckled, since there would be two person who'll be pulling the strings by trying to beat each other in this mind game.

'Okay, can I skip the time? I want the action to start.' (Y/n) told Takemichi after a few moments, impatiently tapping her foot on the ground.

Just as she said that to the male, the two teams began running to each other to begin the fight, (Y/n) grinning widely as she also joined the brawl.

The female began laughing maniacally as she caught someone's arm from punching her, kicking him in the head and stomach.

The female began laughing maniacally as she caught someone's arm from punching her, kicking him in the head and stomach

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'Shit! Where's Baji-kun?' Takemichi thought as he look around the place.

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