Chapter 20

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-Here's the awaited chapter!!! I'm having Deja Vu when writing this chapter while I'm listening to the song 'Know Me' by 8 Ballin' on loop-
-Also, I'm going to give the Founders of Black Dragons some screentime next chapter-




(Y/n) glared at the towering figure of the blue haired male infront of her. The two of them were having a glaring contest that sends shivers down everyone's spine. (Y/n) was wearing her usual grin, her eyes were unnoticeable glowing as both continued their glaring contest.

"What?" The female asked him again, her grin only annoyed the male more. "Do you want another round?"

The female stared at Taiju with a challenging grin. Hina and Takemichi were watching in worry at the sidelines. Who knows what the female would do?

Meanwhile, Taiju was slightly impressed by the display of the female's strength. But that's not the point, it was something about her aura that's making him curious about the female.

He can also noticed that her right eye were yellow and she have a slitted pupil in that eye. Her eyes seems to bore into his souls and seems like judging him as he towered down the female.

"I want you to Join Black Dragons." He leaned towards the female, who was giving him a bored expression despite her smile.

"Why would I?" She remarked, staring at the male.

'Is he a new breed of lion? Coz his hair do really looks like a lion's mane, except it's blue with white.' (Y/n) judgementally told herself. 'Also, he looks like an old man! Is he really 16?!'

"We're going to crush Tokyo Manji Gang soon. Don't you think Toman won't stand a chance against us?" Taiju stated, while (Y/n) put her hands on her hips.

"Then, let me think about your offer then." She stated as she made a thinking pose, the male patiently waiting for her answer.

Everyone present was quite, that's because they can't clearly hear what the two were talking about for an unknown reason.

Hakkai and Yuzuha was slightly surprised, seeing their older brother not act violent against the female. They probably think that it was because the female beat him up earlier.

"Hmmmm. What about....." (Y/n) dragged her words, sending a mischievous smile at the tall male. "... No? ♡"

The male was slightly annoyed at her answer, and he's someone to get whatever he want by using force. The female already know about his antics, and her only card against the male is using her brains.

"We can make a deal, though." (Y/n) stated while sticking her hand for the male, making Takemichi watch in alarm.

Hina awkwardly facepalmed next to Takemichi as she heard that. The others who saw the two couple's actions were confused why they were acting like that.

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