Chapter 25

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-Here's another chapter for you all!! I hope you enjoy!! Also, someone's going to be formally introduced!!-
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Right now, (Y/n) was in boredly sitting behind her desk. They were taking their finals right now while she was telepathically conversing with the Banana Trio plus Takemichi.

The exam was very easy for her since her mind is like Google itself, while Takemichi was slightly struggling to answer his exam.

'The correct answer in number 38 is letter B not C, idiot.' (Y/n) told the male besides him, seeing that his answer is wrong.

Sje would sometimes correct them from time to time, or they'll sometimes ask her if they didn't understand anything.

'(Y/n)-chan, what's the answer to this?' She heard Chifuyu asked, reciting the question to her.

'It's letter's B.' She told him, shifting her point of view to Baji, who was doing well with his exam.

The males kept asking her for some answers through out the day, while she'll tell them the answers or she'd correct them in some ways.

Finally, the bell rang and the (h/c)nette girl was the first one to go out of the room, leaving Takemichi, who she was supposed to accompany to plan things. She doesn't care about the teacher calling for her, she already know that she'll perfect the exam.


"(Y/n)-chan, do you have any plans on Christmas?" Hina asked the female.

Both of them met infront of the school gates and decided to walk home together, Naoto was also with them.

"I don't really have any plans except... Um... Visiting a church?" She shrugged, Hina was shocked at her answer while Naoto was confused.

'What's going on?' Naoto thought, seeing the horrified expression of his sister.

"Don't worry about it, Hina." She assured the female with a grin. 'As long as the people won't splatter me with Holy water and chase me with their fork tool, I'll be fine.'

'That's the worst reassuring sentence I've ever heard from you.' Hina told the female, nervously worrying about the (h/c)nette.

'Funfact: Holy water feels like being splattered by boiling water.' The heterochromia eyed demon told the light brown haired female.

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