Chapter 17

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-Here's another chapter! I was supposed to be publishing this along with my other story (Shinigami) yesterday but I can't cause my mother was beside me the entire time which sucks-


“Iռ Ċıքһєя'ֆ ɢѧṃє ֆһє ռєєԀֆ ѧ քѧωռ,
ɞє ֆȗяє ṭȏ ҡռȏω ωһıċһ ֆıԀєֆ ʏȏȗ'яє ȏռ.”



After visiting Chifuyu's mindscape, a lot has happened under a week.

Kazutora deicided to go back to Toman while Baji quited as the 1st Division captain, the two just settled as a normal member under 1st Division. Chifuyu still stays as the 1st Division Vice-Captain, even though he wanted to give up his position because of Baji but stayed because of the said male telling him not to.

Pah-chin was also released from jail because of someone bribing him out, which Let's not just say who. The male was now back in Toman, and just settled under 2nd Division with Peh-yan which (Y/n) had befriended.

Everyone seems to forget about the fight between Valhalla and Toman, except for those who have a contract with (Y/n).

"This is so boring!" The female muttered to herself, huffing in irritation because she have nothing to do.

She would like to make deals with people, but she can't just find herself doing that in the moment because of the overwhelming human emotions that seems to affect her greatly.

'Curse this human emotions! Making me care for these one lifespan, three dimensional, five senses puppets.' She dramatically thought to herself. 'I can't just let this emotions get ahead of me, I refuse to accept this!'

She has been trying to understand how human emotions work, but she can't seem to get it. Probably because she doesn't really feel anything, back when she's still in power.

Sure, she had been living for a very long time, but there's still things that she doesn't know the answer of and things that she didn't experience. Especially when she used to pretend, back then.

She was peacefully walking and thinking to herseld, until she saw a familiar bleached blonde haired male in the distance.

Grinning to herself, she quietly approached the male, walking alongside him. She'll probably annoy him or something.

"What's the Loyal Mad Dog doing without his captain?" (Y/n) stated to the male, who stared at her.

As far as she remembers, The masked male was always trailing Behind Mucho, the 5th Division Captain.

The male ignored him and continued with wherever he was going. Slightly questioning why the female was following her, the two of them walking side by side without speaking to another.

"Say, what? Let's go over there!" The female grinned, dragging the male with her, despite not being introduced to each other formally.

Surprise was an understatement to what the male was feeling, especially when someone who isn't that close to you began to drag you somewhere.

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