Chapter 2

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-Chapter 2 because I don't have anything to do-


“YOU WERE SO FUCKING COOL, TAKEMICHI!" Yamagishi stared at Takemichi in awe along with Makoto, sparkles seen in their eyes.

The Mizo five were in a park all of them goofing around, while they didn't really noticed (Y/n)'s presence who was on a swing, watching the whole thing a bit farther away from them.

"I WAS DEEPLY MOVED!" Makoto Exclaimed, making (Y/n) to watch the interaction in confusion.

'Why are they so happy about it? Takemichi just got noticed by a Gang leader, and shrimpy isn't a celebrity either.' (Y/n) thought with a scrunched up brows.

Though, honestly, she was actually thinking about a certain black haired male that resembles Takemichi's personality and she wondered if she could visit him.


"YOU'RE AMAZING TAKEMICHI!!" Makoto added, both boys fanboying and looking at Takemichi like he's a celebrity or some shit.

'I was noticed by that monster?!' Takemichi thought in horror, making a certain (h/c)nette snickered when his thoughts traveled through hers. 'Going from Kiyomasa-kun's slave to a toy of a monster that I can't understand.'
>In Takemichi's Imagination<
Takemichi was on all four, looking at the poop infront of him with crocodile tears, the disgusting smell going through his nose.

“Lick it.” Mikey ordered to Takemichi as he wore a blank look while Takemichi stared at the poop on the path infront of him.

"Yes, Master." Takemichi cried, tears rolling down his eyes as he stared into the poop infront of him.
'It's just a job change, isn't it?!' Takemichi thought, helding his head in horror. 'This is hell!'

His friends didn't even noticed his horrified expression because they were busy goofing around about the earlier events.

'The fuck's wrong with this dude?' (Y/n) thought in amusement, when she remembered what he imagined and suddenly bursted into a laughing fit.

The Mizo Crew glanced where the laugh's direction was, seeing the (h/c)nette girl coming towards their direction wiping some tears from her eyes, Takemichi just widened his eyes at the girl.

"You! You were the girl earlier!" Yamagishi said, both Makoto and him looking at (Y/n) with sparkles on their eyes.

"That's right, I'm (Y/n) Cipher but (Y/n) is enough. I'm Takemichi's Classmate and Seatmate." She grinned, her eyes glowing bright a little when she stated her name. "And you're the Mizo Mid Crew, right? Takemichi's friends?"

"That's right! I'm Yamagishi Kazushi, and This is Suzuki Makoto." The one wearing glasses stated, making (Y/n) nods as they introduced themselves. "That's Yamamoto Takuya and Sendo Atsushi also known as Akkun."

She pondered whether she could give them the head that's always screaming, but the familiar burning pain on her chest stated otherwise making her grin slightly drop.

"You were so cool, you know?! Stopping Kiyomasa's hand mid-air with only one hand!" Makoto fanboyed, while (Y/n) scratched her head, the unfamiliar feeling of awkwardness creeping through her veins.

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