Chapter 16

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The two males snapped out of their trance, remembering that they want to talk the familiar female about something, ever since the day they encountered her.

They would never forget the familiar (h/c)nette hair, and heterochromia eye. Though, they didn't really know that she's a part of Toman since they didn't even know her name.


(Y/n) slightly tilted her head when one of them held her arm, slightly glaring at the male's arm her smile turning into a threatening one.

'Looks like they recognised me—Oh, well. Whatever.' She thought before inhaling a lot of air and fully turned to the two males.

"What can I do for you two?" She asked them, noticing that the other male was slightly glancing at her Gold Card.

Both males were wearing white uniforms of the gang: Black Dragons. The two of them are lucky that Toman had a fight with Valhalla earlier, since they're stepping on Toman's territory.

"You're the woman who jumped off from the building." The blonde stated as he stared into her with a scrunched brows, making (Y/n) lowly chuckled at him.

"So? As far as I know, it's none of your concern." She told the blonde with a slight shrug, admiring his pretty features. 'I wonder if he'll agree making a deal with me...? Or maybe make a contract?'

"Oh, I'm sorry if I sounded rude. I'm Inui Seishu, and this is my friend, Kokonoi Hajime." The blonde politely introduced himself, while (Y/n)'s grin widened slightly.

"It's nice to officially meet you two, I'm (Y/n)." She stated with a closed eyes smile before bowing slightly. "And If you'll excuse me, my friends are still waiting for me."

She walked away from the two to continue what she was doing but Inui trailed behind her, along with Koko. The two of them wanted to know more about the female.

"How did you not die when you fell from the building?" Koko interrogated the female, the (h/c)nette just spared him a glance.

"Are you some kind of a witch? Or a demon?" Kokonoi asked with a frown, wondering who the female was, but what really perked his interest was her Gold Card.

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