Chapter 15

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-This is an alternative version of Chapter 14, this will focus on the Former Members of Black Dragon-











"OI! Walk faster! We'll be late to the fight!" Shinichiro called to his friends, who were all grumbling behind him.

"Shin, we're still early." Takeomi argued, but Shinichiro didn't paid them any attention as they stepped inside the abandoned car lot.

Wakasa was the one who brought foods for the fight, while Benkei was the one who planned where they'll watch where no one will see them.

The four of them settled behind a pile of cars, as they waited till the place was filled with a lot of delinquents. Wakasa was boredly looking around, Benkei chatting with Shinichiro, while Takeomi was dozing off besides them.

"Both team Representatives, step forward!" Hansen loudly stated, catching the Four men's attention.

The four of them composed themselves as they watch the two teams facing each other, the four of them anticipating for the outcome.

"I bet my salary that Toman will win!" Shinichiro stated to his friends, who just ignored him while continuing to watch the scene infront of them.

"We just have one conditon." They heard Draken told Kazutora as he glared down at him. "If Toman win this battle, we will take Baji back."

"They really are a gang that would stick to each other... Aren't they?" Benkei commented to the others.

"That's Mikey for you." Shinichiro stated, as he fondly watch his brother. "He's not someone who'll leave his friends behind without a reason and only thinks of the best for them."

"But if Valhalla wins, (Y/n)-chan will join Valhalla." Kazutora stated, causing the Four males to raise their brows.

"Why are they fighting for her, though?" Benkei asked, getting a handfull of popcorns from Wakasa.

"Let's keep an eye on her to find out, then." Wakasa stated, as the Four of them watched the female's every move like a hawk.

The two teams ran to each other to begin the fight, The female began laughing maniacally as she fought, easily taking down Everyone on her path.

"She's easily taking down everyone." Shinichiro gawked at the female, who was enjoying herself by beating Valhalla members. 'Remind me not to piss her off, especially when she can throw hands.'

"She's extremely strong, probably stronger than all of us combined." Benkei told Wakasa, who just boredly watch everything while eating popcorns.

"That Hanagaki guy isn't Fighting." Takeomi pointed out, making their attention shifted to where Takemichi was.

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