Chapter 22

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-Here's another chapter!! Also quick question,
should I make this story continue as a Poly relationship or nah? Because I'm actually thinking to make it originally Poly-
-Also, Dipper is now an official love interest and he's going to be 16 in the story along with Mabel-







When (Y/n) got back to the shop, and managed to snap herself back to her senses. She saw that Dipper was already waiting for her with the other four Ex-members of Black Dragons.

Dipper kinda seems less aggressive towards her, the Men probably persuaded him and explained everything to him. Though, Dipper is going to get every help he gets in order to get his sister back even if it means making a deal with (Y/n).

"What now?" She asked them, she don't know why but she suddenly felt uncomfortable being surrounded by males.

"I think I already have a clue of who took my sister!" Dipper stated, flipping through the journal's pages.

"You should really stop obsessing with those journals." She muttered to herself, seeing the male flipped through the 4th Journal, along with the 3rd Journal.

"That one have a page about you." Takeomi pointed out at a page that Dipper passed while flipping through Journal 3.

"It said 'Don't summon at any cost'." Wakasa muttered, though he can't really understand the journal because some parts were coded.

"Before I got transported here, I was talking to Mabel about this." He pointed to the journal, which was read with 'Alternate Dimensions'.

The page was saying how to travel through alternate dimensions in a lot of ways. There were different dimensions listed on the page.

"What are you implying?" She asked, raising a brow.

"Whoever kidnapped my sister is probably connected to you!" Dipper pointed out, the female smirking at him in entertainment.

"That's a smart guess." She snickered, thinking of how close he was to the truth yet still far.

"It also stated about Reverse Dimensions and such." He pointed out to the lage. "So, whoever it was who kidnapped my sister is probably someone from another Dimension that's also connected to your wheel!"

"You mean, whoever transported you here must be connected to my wheel." She corrected him, Dipper thinking about what she said.

"Why would they do that?" Dipper asked, giving a pointed glare at the female. "For all I know it was you who transported me here using the zodiac wheel."

"The Fates had cut off my abilities, so I can't transport myself through different dimensions, less transport someone through the multiverse." She told him, clicking her tongue.

That may be possible, since he himself is a witness that it you got involved in the mysteries of Gravity Falls, everything is almost possible.

The Four men watch the two bicker, not understanding anything they said. All they know is they're speaking Gibberish right now.

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