Chapter 1

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Somewhere in the Future...

"Are you awake?!" A police officer appeared in Takemichi's vision, as he began to look around the room.

"...Where am I?" He asked the officer infront of him as the officer explained everything to him, a man stepping in the scene.

"Would it be okay if I talked to him alone for a moment?" A black haired man asked, interrupting their conversation.

"Uh. Sure." the officer stated glancing at the man before looking back at Takemichi. "He's the one who saved you."

"Huh?" He was confused as ever, he thought he was going to die when he was in the train station and he also thought that everything was a dream.

"I'm Tachibana Naoto." The man introduced, making Takemichi more shocked and confused than ever. "Huh?"
As Naoto explained everything to Takemichi, from his ability to Time leap and everything. How he can go back 12 years to the past, how Hina died, and how Takemichi changed the future.

"Please use the Time Leap to go back 12 years ago and meet with a certain person during your middle school time." Naoto told him, glancing at the blue eyed boy.

"A certain person?" He asked as Naoto placed his hand on the white board with two pictures.

"These are Toman's Leaders, 'Sano Manjiro' and 'Kisaki Tetta'." Takemichi stared at the two pictures, shivering at their appearance. "Scary."

"If these two had never meet, then the current Tokyo Manji gang wouldn't exist." Naoto explained. "In other words, there'd be nothing for my sister to get dragged into and killed by."

"I get it. If I return to my middle school days and stop those two from meeting..." Takemichi trailed off.

"....Then Toman won't exist." Naoto finished, and began telling his plan to Takemichi.

"Are you ready?" He asked the blue eyed boy, who looked at him determination on his eyes. "Yeah."

"Sano and Kisaki, those two will meet in August 2005. It doesn't matter which, but get in contact with one of them." The younger black haired male explained further. "Let's work together and prevent that meeting."

"Alright, I'll try to do something." Takemichi said as Naoto offered his hand.

"You are the only one who can save my sister." Naoto said, as Takemichi shook his hand, triggering the Time Leap.
(Y/n) was in the middle of her room, the place was clean and organised. She was wearing a school uniform under a yellow sweater with brick patterns.

She had been transported to the place after being sucked into the portal, and she also found herself in a Human body. She's been staying in the house for about four days and learning about how human body works since she once passed out due to exhaustion. She also lessened her chaotic schemes and insane ideas ever since she turned human.

Though, she now knows that her new body needs to be feed, groomed, and also rest. She was slightly annoyed how fragile her new body was.

She spent four days learning a lot about humans way of interacting, how to use the papers called 'money', and how to use normal gadgets. Though, she even enrolled herself in a school to help her understand more about human nature.

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