Chapter 8

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Triangulum, Entangulum. Meteforis Dominus Ventium.”

When Draken was put in the hospital, (Y/n) had to deal with Takemichi's weirdne—Scratch that, she actually encouraged him since she was the one who told Takemichi to wear the hideous clothes and made them question her weirdness.

'What am I supposed to do right now?' (Y/n) thought to herself, walking around the town.

She was currently walking around the place because Takemichi got back in the future, and since she was still in that dimension, she figured out that she'll have to Babysit Takemichi and the others.

Turning to a corner, her eyes fixated on this dude, who was standing infront of a car and seems like plotting something while holding a botlle of Gasoline.

"Oi! Aren't you in Toman?" The (h/c)nette called to the male while trudging towards him, the dark haired male glared at her but her smirk didn't falter.

"Do you Want me to beat you—? Huh..?" His expression turned to a realization when he remembered who she was. "Aren't you the girl that save Draken along with another guy?"

"Glad that you remember me. Don't worry, I'm not gonna rat you out." She stated smugly at him, making him roll his eyes. "I'm (Y/n) Cipher. And you are...?"

(Y/n) held her hand for a handshake whe Baji raised his brow at her hand, before accepting the handshake, not knowing the (h/c)nette's reason behind it.

"I'm Baji Keisuke, 1st Division Captain of Toman." The fanged boy grinned at her, matching her energetic aura.

"Say, you're planning to set that car in fire aren't you?" She stated interestedly, while Baji grinned but suddenly realize that she knows his intention.

"How do you know that?" He asked dumbly, gaping at the (h/c)nette.

"You're literally holding that gasoline in your hand." She pointed out while rolling her eyes, then grinning. "Anyways, we should hurry if before the owner comes back."

"'We'?" He asked, both of them looking at the car as they chat.

"I'm joining you coz it seems fun." She grinned at him before snatching the bottle from the boy and quickly pour the content on the car.

While she did so, Baji admired her while watching her. He never really met someone who would join him burn someone's car, except for Kazutora.

"Now, the fire made the car more lit!" She stated, both individuals where grinning ear to ear as they watch the car burn down.

"That was fun!" The (h/c)nette exclaimed, making the male agree, both of them walking away like nothing happened.

Both of them set other cars on fire before settling into an empty park, (Y/n) sitting on the swing while Baji was the one who push her.

"Do you like Peyoung Yakisoba?" The male asked her excitedly, while (Y/n) didn't really know what that was and she have to consult her stock  knowledge.

"Sure, but I think your Vice-Captain's looking for you." She stated before pointing at the blonde male who was now walking to their direction.

"Chifuyu!" Baji called for the blonde with a huge grin, dragging (Y/n) with him. "Look who I found!"

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