Chapter 6

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After the Toman meeting, Takemichi decided to ask Draken to be his bodyguard which back fired, now he was follow Draken and Mikey till they were infront of a hospital.

"Mikey, we're here." Draken told the short blonde male on his back, waking up the said boy from his nap.

"The hospital?" He yawned, looking at the building infront of them in slight confusion.


"What're we here for?" Mikey asked in confusion, following behind the tall male.

Draken didn't answered him first, making Mikey to glance at him. The two were unaware of Takemichi's presence that was following them since morning.

"A little visit." Draken told Mikey, both of them walking inside the hospital.

'It's funny seeing you follow them sneakily like that.' (Y/n)'s voice echoed inside Takemichi's head, nearly making him trip from his hiding spot.

'(Y/n)-chan?!' Takemichi thought, quickly glancing around to see any signs of the (h/c)nette. 'Where are you?'

'Relax, Crybaby. I'm nowhere around your field of vision, but I can see you perfectly.' The (h/c)nette stated, making Takemichi shivered slightly at her words.

'That's creepy.' He told her and he can imagine her rolling her eyes.

'I can see through different eyes that was scattered around the world, kid. I can see everything that's happening in every part of the world. It's normal for me, and excuse you, I still have something important to do.' She stated with an unbothered tone before cutting off the connection.

Takemichi sneakily followed behind Draken and Mikey inside the hospital, careful not to get caught. Both stopped infront of an ICU, seeing a girl inside who was staring silently at the ceiling, a lot of bruises covered her body but nevertheless, she's in a good condition.

"Who's that?" Mikey asked Draken when they were infront of the said room.

"That's Pah's friend's girlfriend." Draken informed him, both of them were watching the bruised girl.

'Pah from Toman... Wait. The cause of the Conflict... With Moebius...' Takemichi thought.

'Mhm. That was one of Kisaki's plan, but since I stepped in, it won't turn out as worst as it was in the alternate timeline.' (Y/n) made a side comment to the piss haired boy.

She likes causing chaos, but what she really likes more is Ruining people's plans and seeing their reactions in the end which she finds very amusing.

"Beatings all over her body left her with broken bones and I heard that she got unconscious for two days." Draken explained to Mikey.

'That's horrible.' Takemichi thought, when he suddenly saw two couples stomping towards Draken and Mikey.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!" The two blondes look at the newcomer, it was a dark haired man with eyeglasses.

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