Chapter 36

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-Here's Another Chapter!! I hope you enjoy! I kind rushed the chapter because of my excitement!-
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In Shibuya Station...

Takemichi and Chifuyu were both talking about being the top delinquents, while (Y/n) was trailing behind them and minding her business. By business, I meant judging people in her mind.

"Be sure not to get lost if you got to Yokohama." (Y/n) snickered at the male, who gave her a look.


The trio looked back to see Makoto and Yamagishi running towards them, both of them had bruises on them. It took the female a second, to know what's going on soe she quickly contacted Kazutora and Baji telepathically to go to the station.

"What the fuck happened to you two?" (Y/n) asked the two males, getting some medical supplies out of nowhere and quickly patched the two.

As the train stopped, a lot of people came out of the train wearing the same red uniforms. There were about hundreds of them.

"Shit." (Y/n) muttered silently, as she frown and glanced at the other males who were all have their attention to the gang in red uniforms.

"So, this is Shibuya?" One of the male's asked as he looked around the place.

"Looks pretty normal for a city." Another said, wjile still roaming his eyes around.

"Gonna go pee." A male stepped out of the train said as he boredly looked around the place.

'Who are these people?!!' Takemichi thought while examining the whole group before looking at (Y/n). 'Do you know them, (Y/n)-chan?'

'Tenjiku members, they're just a new gang but their numbers goes up around 400 or more.' She answered him nonchalantly, she was waiting for Kazutora and Baji to show up.

"They appeared all of a sudden!" Yamagishi told them, not knowing that the males were going towards them.

"Get out of the way, fucker!" One yelled to Takemichi, while (Y/n) dragged the blonde away from them.

"A Group of people in red coats?" Chifuyu stared at the male's as (Y/n) stared at the males.

"Hey! Are you a delinquent?" The male asked Takemichi, while the female clicked her tongue.

'I swear if they try to hurt them, I'll personally make their lives a living hell.' The female thought darkly, seeing their hostile approach to the male.

"Huh?" Takemichi looked at them in confusion, he looks like a prey surrounded by its predators.

"Hey! Bring that other guy over here!" The same male that yelled at Takemichi said, while just (Y/n) glared at them with a glassy and dead look on her eyes.

"Oi, look!" One male dragged a beaten up Akkun to the group. "Is he from Toman?"

"Huh? Akkun!" Takemichi stated,as he stared in shock at the beaten up male.

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