Chapter 12

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"Anyways, I'm (Y/n) Cipher! One of the 3rd Division Captains in Toman." The female energetically introduced herself to the males before pointing at Takemichi and Chifuyu. "These adorable boys behind me are Hanagaki Takemichi and Matsuno Chifuyu."

'A-ADORABLE?!' The two blondes mentally screeched, both have their eyes wide as saucers. They weren't used to the female giving compliments without adding an incoming insult.

'I don't look adorable at all because I always get beaten up, so she's probably complimenting Chifuyu.' Takemichi told himself with a certain expression, giving a proud look at his friends for receiving a compliment.

'She's probably saying that to Takemichi, since they seems to be close and I probably look ugly.' Chifuyu wondered to himself with a positive look for his friend.

'These two idiots.' (Y/n) thought to herself, she would've been face-palming right now if it weren't for the four men watching the three.

"I'm Akashi Takeomi, this are Wakasa and Benkei." The one with the scar stated, while (Y/n) nod with a grin.

The two mentioned male gave a short nod at the mention of their names, while (Y/n) examined them both with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

The three of them have their guards up when they saw Shinichiro tensed on his spot as he nervously look at the girl, the vibe she emits doesn't help the situation at all since her aura screamed danger.

They also recognised the name, but they just can't place a finger where they heard her name but just settled to the thought that it's probably because of the rumours about her being the only female in Toman and a Division Captain.

'We have two Cinnamon rolls, two zoo animals, and two Kapre*.' (Y/n) thought before glancing at the two tall males, both helding a stick of cigarette.

Takemichi and Chifuyu are celebrating inside despite wearing a nervous look, for being in the midst of the Founders and former members of the Legendary Black Dragon Gang.

"What's about this 'Hanemiya Kazutora' guy? Isn't he Valhalla's Number 3?" Benkei asked, making the trio gave a glance at each other.

"They wanna get some information about him. Since Shri—Mikey and him are friends, you should know something about him, right?" (Y/n) asked Shinichiro with a smirk.

"They were, but he was sent to a reform school." Shinichiro told them and began to tell them all he knew about the male.

He told them that he's one of Toman's founder and was the former Vice-Captain of Toman's 1st Division, how Baji and him are very close, and how they tried to steal from his shop.

'You know, it would've been okay if I just showed Chifuyu about the information using my holograms.' (Y/n) told the piss haired male. 'If only Hina didn't told me to not tell anyone about the fact that I'm a being made of pure energy.'

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