Chapter 21

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Meanwhile, (Y/n) was boredly staring at the Four men that were infront of her. The Founders of Black Dragons were anticipating an answer from the female, all of them were inside Shinichiro's shop.

"Are you going to answer the question or not?" Wakasa asked the grinning (h/c)nette.

Ever since after the fight between Valhalla and Toman, the three had been meaning to ask the female if What Shinichiro told them was true.

"Should I?" She obnoxiously grinned at them, seemingly teasing them as her (e/c) and yellow orbs glowed.

Their expressions fell at what she said, making her laugh at their demise. They were expecting an answer, yet here she was, joking around in a serious matter.

"Well, I guess there's no point to deny that I'm a literal Demon." She suddenly stated, making the men perk up.

She snapped her fingers, teeth coming out of nowhere and gathered in her hands. Shoving the teeth to the person next to her, which was Benkei, the male curiously staring at the teeth.

"Here, deer teeth for you, kids." She offered the teeth, while the others look at her hands in horror.

"I-I think you s-should take those away." Shinichiro sweatdropped, while (Y/n) cassually snapped her hands and the teeth disappeared, probably going back to whichever deer it came from.

"Soooo~ Any questions?" She asked them, staring specifically at Shinichiro. "Why did you call me here anyways?"

Everyone's attention was now on Shinichiro, who nearly forgot that he called the demon to answer his question that really bothered him every since Toman won against Valhalla.

"Well, I just had a weird dream about a huge Axolotl." Shinichiro stated, making (Y/n) froze on her spot, her grin fading slightly.

If there was any creature that (Y/n) doesn't mess with, the Axolotl is one in the list. She knows that the being knows a lot and she hates that fact.

"So you met Ol' Lotl?" (Y/n) mused, it was rare for the Axolotl to appear inside the dreams of humans. "What did you ask him? Surely, you have a huge urge to find answers for him to appear in your dreams."

The others listened in interest, they've never really been focused on Supernaturals, and now that they're in the presence of a demon, they can't stop being interested as well.

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