Chapter 26

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-Here's another chapter for you all!! I hope you like it! Also, the message from the previous chapter have another hidden message (All Caps)-
-Atbash Cipher-







“SOMEONE'S PLANNING to take over along with them, and they're using him, TO why He's silent lately.
We can't REACH HIS PLACE at all AND he's in a serious situation RIGHT NOW.
HE'S proBably TRYING to break into another dimension TO GET a rift to travel here, we need MORE HELP!

Everything is in the 4th Journal!”

''Someone's planning to reach his place and right now he's trying to get more help'?' The female read. 'Okay...'

After reading the words in the paper, the female burned the paper down with her flames. She was cautious to not leave any part of the paper behind.

After burning the paper, she quickly teleported herself to where Dipper is, which is in Shinichiro's shop.

Ever since Pine-tree got transported there, he's been hanging out with the former Black Dragons members because they're the only ones that he trust. He doesn't trust (Y/n) because of what she did in the past.

"Pine-tree." The female stormed inside the shop to look for the said male.

She scanned the place till she found the male that was being taught by Shinichiro about Motorcycle parts, and not just that, a familiar male is also with them.

The three males looked at her, Dipper and Shinichiro noticed how the other male knew (Y/n) due to the look that they were giving each other.

"You!" The male pointed out, squinting his eyes at the female, his servant was nowhere around which is a shock to the female.

"Yellow! I wasn't expecting to see you Here, Izana." She said, grinning at the bleach blonde hair.

She focused her attention to Dipper, who was wearing a small bag, probably containing the two journals that he have in his possession.

"What now, Cipher?" Dipper questioned, seeing her attention was focused on him with a small glare.

"I need to talk to you." The female ignored his glare and walked towards his direction.

"Talk to me about what?" Dipper asked, suspiciously glaring at the female. 'Who knows if she's planning to murder someone today.'

(Y/n) didn't answered and just dragged Dipper from the shop, and leaving Shinichiro and Izana behind.

"Can I see the 4th Journal?" The female lowly asked, as they stopped from a distance.

Dipper was slightly shocked at her tone. She usually use force to get whatever she wants or manipulate people into giving her whatever she wants. Seeing her ask a genuine question confused him.

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