Chapter 31

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That day, (Y/n) throw a grand party in her mansion and invited a lot of rich people from different places and also the whole Toman, who were scattered around the mansion.

Everyone was wearing different color clothes, while (Y/n) was wearing a colored yellow and black dress that Mabel forced her into. She'd rather wear a suit that matched Bill's clothes, but the brunette was persuasive and managed to force her to wear a dress.

"I didn't know you were this rich, (Y/n)-chin!" Mikey told the female, he was currently busy stuffing his face with Taiyaki.

"Well, you never asked." She shrugged, watching the short male stuff his face with food, while Draken was besides him being Draken.

"Who were all these people?" Draken asked, looking around the place that was packed with people.

"Just some people I know of." She answered, she noticed that everyone was having fun.

Mitsuya was with his two sisters, The Kawata Twins were both looking at everyone that passed to their table, Mucho and Sanzu were talking about something, Even the former Black Dragons Members were there.

"Ne, (Y/n)-chin? Are you looking for a Sugar Baby?" Mikey suddenly asked, his eyes sparkling as he stared into the (h/c)nette.

Draken, who was next to Mikey nearly choked on air while Takemichi was shocked at that. Emma and Hina were shaking their heads in displeasure while pointedly glaring at the male, who ignored them.

"Don't mind him, (Y/n)." Draken said, slightly embarrassed about Mikey's behaviour and was trying to pull the male away from the female.

"I couldn't really care less." The female shrugged, while Mikey's face lighted up.

"Does this mean you agree to be our sugar mommy?" Mikey asked with a huge grin, as he expectantly stared at the female.

'I'm certainly done with his bullshits right now.' Draken thought in defeat. 'As if she'd even agre—'

"Sure, whatever makes you shut up." The female silently snickering at Draken's surprised and confused expression.

"See that, Ken-chin?! She agreed!" Mikey exclaimed.

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