Chapter 27

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"Sorry, I'm late." Takemichi said, going inside the shop that the others were waiting for.

"It's the night of our big battle." Hanma told him. "You better get your ass in gear."

"Also, Takemichi." Chifuyu pointed out to his bruised face. "What happened to your face?"


"He got hit by Hina earlier because of some personal reasons." The (h/c)nette female said, laughing at his face.

"Man, you got uglier!" Hanma pointed out with a grin.

"We'll carry out our plan in shibuya, Udagawa Christian Church." Kisaki told them, instantly shutting then off. "Taiju will convinently go there alone late at night to pray."

They all listened to the male continue, (Y/n) listening with one ear as she was busy trying to locate another familiar aura that she kept noticing right now.

"If Hakkai's gonna attack Taiju, it won't happen anywhere else but there." Kisaki told them. "We're gonna wait for Taiju outside the Chapel."

"What are our roles then?" the female asked, focusing on the others as she decided to put her yellow sweater in her waist.

"Takemichi will be the one to talk to Hakkai, since you two get along." Kisaki told Takemichi before staring back at the other three. "Before Hakkai and Taiju run at each other, the Four of us will be outside to beat Taiju."

"Good plan." The female muttered with a lazy grin. "Anything else?"

"None. That's all." Kisaki said, adjusting his glasses while (Y/n) nods at him.

(Y/n) snapped her fingers, teleporting the four males infront of the church. The female can't help but feels like somebody's watching them, and her instincts doesn't lie.

Whoever was watching them is probably not human, since she can't place a finger in where whoever is watching them right now.

'Be careful, Takemichi. I feel something powerful ahead.' The female warned the piss haired male as Takemichi walked inside the church.

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