Chapter 43

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“Nrmwovhh rwrlgh ziv mlg gifob nrmwovhh”

"HAH! I WIN!" (Y/n) cheered as she placed down her last card on the deck. "Now, that's the 15th time I've won today."

It's been a few days since the group asked Shinichiro about Izana and right now (Y/n) was playing uno with the Mizo mid crew, and the Banana trio. They were supposed to plan strategy for the incoming fight between Toman and Tenjiku, but they can deal with it later.

Takemichi, who was just watching them with a sweatdrop, had already given up since he knew that (Y/n)'s just going to win the game for a row, which he was right with his guess.

"Um... (Y/n)-chan, aren't we supposed to plan a strategy for the incoming fight?" Takemichi reminded the female.

"Yeah, or we can just leave it to Kisaki." (Y/n) shrugged, it had been days since she saw the male. "I'm currently having fun here at the moment."

"Yeah, don't be such a killjoy now. We're in the middle of—"

"Is the first division captain there?!" A voice called out outside, cutting off Yamagishi's statement.

"Huh?" The males all turned towards the opened window.

"Oh. They're here." (Y/n) muttered to herself as Takemichi peeked outside the window.

Outside, he saw someone wearing a mask over his face and also wearing the Toman uniform. He just wonders who the male was, and his memory couldn't recall the male's name.

"Who's outside?" Baji asked the blonde, setting out his cards down.

"Just some Toman members, I might say." (Y/n) told him and began walking out, dragging Takemichi on her way. "Let's go greet 'em."

The group curiously followed the female outside, to see Sanzu and Mucho waiting.

"Sup, Haru, Choco bars?!" She greeted them, using a joyous tone yet there's a hidden caution underneath.

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