Chapter 4

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-I'm sorry if this chapter seems to be in rush, I was just excited excited to start the future Arcs like the Valhalla arc, Black Dragon Arc and such-

"(Y/n)-chan! Didn't I told you to not use your powers? Especially when there are people around?" Hina scolded the girl, making the (h/c)nette slightly slump in shame for unknown reason.

Both females just walked out of the hospital were the girl they saved was in, even though they saved the girl, she was still bruised and they decided to get her in the hospital.

And If there are any person who can control (Y/n) and her insanity, it'd be Hina.

Ever since the demon got chased by a broom by the light brown haired female, she'd never pissed her off again. And it's very amusing that an all powerful demon was able to be tamed by a mere human with a broom.

Thought when they first met, she was very much interested in the girl because despite that she's infront of a powerful being, she never back down even if her body obviously states that she's scared.

"I won't do it again, no promises." (Y/n) replied with a grin.

"You better be, or I'll poke your eyeballs with a fork!" Hina threatened, making (Y/n) slightly shivers, but still held her grin.

"Anything but the Eye. I can give you my kidneys!" (Y/n) whined childishly with a pout, both of them suddenly bursting to a laugh.

"I've heard that Takemichi-kun and you are classmates." Hina said making (Y/n) nod vigorously.

"The idiot—Hey!" Hina pinched her arm at that, feeling a tingling sensation where Hina pinched her. "I mean, Takemichi is also my seat mate."

"Is he doing good in class?" Hina asked the (h/c)nette.

"He's doing fine." (Y/n) nonchalantly said, wondering How Takemichi manage to date the light brown haired girl.

"Thats good. Wait! What if he knew about you being a demon..?" Hina inquired the female, causing (Y/n) to grin widely.

"He already made a deal with me!" She exclaimed joyously making Hina gape.


"Dont worry 'bout it, the deal was simple anyways." (Y/n) assured her. "I protect you two, and he help me."

"Just keep your side of the deal then or I'll tell Takemichi to cut off the deal." Hina said making (Y/n) nods.

'I swear, women are scarier than demons.' (Y/n) thought, she will not let the deal cut off since it was a long time ago since she made a deal with a Human.

"Oh, anyways, see you around!" (Y/n) waved, going to where her mansion is.

"Dont cause any trouble!" Hina called out, both of them parting ways. "And don't go around telling people you're a demon!"

She remembered how when she once rented the apartment next to Hina when she first came, though right now she have a mansion and an infinite amount of cash.



"Why do you need to buy snacks?" The dark haired male asked his blonde companion, it was the next day and both of the said males were going to visit someone.

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