Chapter 41

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"Woah!" Takemichi stared at the church infront of them. "How nostalgic! Although, they weren't good memories."

"Let's go inside to take a seat." The female dragged him to a seat.

'Aren't you a demon, (Y/n)-chan?' Takemichi asked the female telepathically. 'Does that mean you're affected by religious things?'

'Yeah, and?' The female raise an eyebrow. "But just because I'm a demon, that doesn't mean I'm not allowed in church."

"Oh." Takemichi said, he still wonder if she could pray even if she's a demon.

The two were covered in silence, (Y/n) boredly looking infront of the church while Takemichi was thinking to himself.

'We fought black Dragons here and I thought that it'll bring us a better future.' He frowned. 'We prevented Yuzuha from killing her own brother then Black Dragon's got recruited into the first division.'

'Dont forget that Kisaki left Toman.' (Y/n) added to his thoughts.

"But despite all that, the future didn't get better." Takemichi told her. "In fact, it got worse."

"Mhm..." The female nods, and Takemichi couldn't help but think that the female is hiding something, he just couldn't pinpoint what it was.

(Y/n) who was unusually quiet, began poking his arm to get his attention, but he ignored her and continued thinking.

"Agh! Fuck it! What should I do now?" Takemichi exclaimed out loud.

"Man, shut up." Someone commented, making (Y/n) facepalmed next to him.

"Sorry." Takemichi apologised and glanced to where the speaker is.

"You should pray for 'him' in the underworld too." The me said, making Takemichi confused.

"Hm? 'Him'?" Takemichi asked in utter confusion, glancing at (Y/n) for answers. 'Who is he?'

'You'll know soon.' She replied, while Takemichi glanced back at the man.

"Ever since 'he' died, I always come here everyday." The said, making Takemichi more confused.

"Eh?" Takemichi exclaimed, trying to think of anyone who could the male possibly be.

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