Chapter 18

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-Here's another chapter! And I'm going to be back for daily updates! He's also going to be mentioned a lot from this chapter on, but there would be hints of who he is.
Also, We're going to start the Black Dragons Arc!! Omfg, I'm so excited! Shdkdksjjskdkdksjsjdksk!-
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Right now, (Y/n) was peacefully taking a walk around the place,waiting for someone to appear, when she saw four figures hiding behind a bush and seems like they were observing someone.

'They doesn't Seem suspicious.' She sarcastically commented, as she paused behind them.

She stared at where they were focused, and saw that they were looking to Mikey and Emma's figure.

"What's going on here?" She asked them, the three males slightly flinching while Hina beamed at her.

The three males stared at her with shocked expressions, nearly dying in heart attack because of her sudden appearance. Hina was very calm about it since she's used to the female suddenly appearing next to her at times.

"(Y/n)-chan?!" Takemichi exclaimed while looking around if anyone sees her before pulling her to their hiding place.

"Huh? Why are you three stalking them?" She asked, staring at Emma and Mikey while crouching behind the Bush. "Also, did you see Draken around? I was supposed to meet him for something."

"W-Well... We didn't see him around." Takemichi stammered, not knowing how to explain the situation. "Draken-kun shouldn't see this, (Y/n)-Chan!"

"Why?" She asked him in confusion. "It's not like he's doing to be jealous or anything else."

"Thats it! I'm going to talk to them." Hina stated in determination before standing from behind the Bush.

"Hina-San, wait-" Takemichi stumbled after his girlfriend, (Y/n) ignored him instead, following Hina's lead, the female walking out of their hiding place.

"Draken?!" Emma suddenly exclaimed when she saw the male, (Y/n) slightly annoyed because he was late.

You see, she had called Draken for the plush toy to give Emma earlier. She did know that it was the female's birthday, that's why she called Draken over.

"You're taking your little sister out for her birthday, Mikey?" Draken asked, laughing at the shrimp.

"Shut up." Mikey stated as he slumped to his seat with a pout.

"Little sister?" Takemichi trailed off, looking back and forth to them.

"Huh? You don't know, Takemichy?" Draken asked, glancing at the piss haired male. "Mikey and Emma are half siblings."

"WHAAT?!" Takemichi exclaimed in shock, making (Y/n) giggle slightly.

"He's really surprised." (Y/n) lowly chuckled, before glancing at the male besides her, leaning to the male to observe his facial features. "You're Hina's younger brother, right?"

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