Chapter 44

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-Here's another chapter! I hope you enjoy! I haven't posted in a while because I was on a Hiatus, but here's an update and this chapter isn't proofread.-



























   “Sometimes, there are things that's better to be left alone.”

—ꉣ꒤ꋪꏂ ꏂꋊꏂꋪꍌꌦ, ꋊꄲ꓄ ꇙꀘ꒐ꋊ ꋬꋊ꒯ ꃳꄲꋊꏂ,
ꋪ꒐ꇙ꒐ꋊꍌ ꒒꒐ꀘꏂ ꋬ ꇙꁝꏂꉣꁝꏂꋪ꒯ ꓄ꄲꋊꏂ—




"What.... was that....?" Inui gawked at the (h/c) haired female, seeing themselves in an alley.

Kokonoi, Inui and Takemichi's bruises were treated. The blonde protagonist didn't even questioned why the female didn't just heal them completely, while the other two males were both shocked and confused of what just happened.

"That? I just teleported us from that place." She answered, looking at Takemichi. "You okay? I can't have you dying on me."

'Yeah, I've come this far. If he dies, it's all over...' She thought to herself, a serious expression plastered on her face which is a rare sight to see. '... Or not.'

"I'm fine, (Y/n)-chan." Takemichi sweat dropped seeing the female's serious reaction. 'I wonder what's going through her mind when she's serious, it's scary.'

"You know, We should go now.... I'm not yet done playing uno with the others." (Y/n) comically turned to them with a blank look on her face. "Adding to the fact that I'm very hungry right now."

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