Chapter 32

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-Here's another chapter!! I hope you enjoy!! I was attending a Bible study, so I didn't posted this earlier 💀💀💀-




"There you are!" (Y/n) pointed out to the group, as she dragged her sister with her.

She was currently wearing a color yellow Kimono with black flower designs, while Will have a matching Kimono but color blue.

"(Y/n)-nee-chan!!" Luna and Mana both hugged the (h/c)nette female, when they saw her.

"How are you two?" (Y/n) asked the two children, who happily responded.

"We're fine! Is she your sister?" Luna asked, as both children stared at Will.

"Yes, this is Wilhelmina my sister." (Y/n) introduced, while the blunette shyly waved at the two.

"Wilma-nee-chan!" Both children exclaimed,hugging the mentioned female.

"I'm Luna, and this is Mana." The older one introduced herself, while the blunette just nods at their cuteness.

"They're your friends, right?" Will asked making (Y/n) nods.

"The two of you share some traits." (Y/n) pointed out to Hakkai, who turned away from the females. "Both of you are shy."

"Let's go over there!" Hina pointed out, as both children held to her hands with the two Ciphers following behind.

Meanwhile, Yuzuha and Hakkai were left staring at the group and was talking about Taiju. Taiju has decided to accept the fact that violence isn't the answer to everything and will leave the place for a while to change his ways.

"Taiju had said that...?" Hakkai asked in wonder.

"Yeah." Yuzuha answered him with a nod. "In the end, they changed you and Taiju. To me, Hanagaki Takemichi is a good friend... And, as for her..."

Yuzuha trailed off and stared longingly at the (h/c)nette female at the otherside, who was having fun with her sister.

"Huh?" Hakkai suddenly snapped his head towards his sister when he realised it. "W-wait a minute, Yuzuha. Aren't you in love with Taka-chan?!"

"Hm? Mitsuya? I just see him as a brother." Yuzuha answered truthfully while still staring at the female, while Hakkai took a few seconds to process what she said.

"Wait... WHAAAATTT?!" Hakkai exclaimed in surprise. "DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH (Y/N)-CHAN?!"

"W-what?! No, stupid! I'm not!" Yuzuha said, a small blush on her cheeks as she denied her brother's assumption. "There's nothing wrong with a one-sided crush, right?"

"Well..." Hakkai trailed of, but Yuzuha had something more to say.

"Don't deny that you weren't also attracted to her." Yuzuha said, with a frown. "As far as I've seen, the others also likes her. I mean, who wouldn't like her? She's so kind."

Hakkai just kept quiet as he listened to his sister, both of them not noticing Mitsuya's incoming figure.

"What's going on?" Mitsuya asked them, making the two siblings glance at him.

"Nothing at all!" Both said in unison.

"Takemichi-kun, they got Ema here." Hina pointed out to a stall.

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