Chapter 19

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-Here's another Chapter!! I hope you Enjoy!
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When Takemichi got back to the past he was surprised to see that he's Bowling, turning around he saw (Y/n) and Hina cheering at him.

Both of them were wearing their school uniforms, holding each others hands as they cheered.

"That was awesome, Takemichi-kun!" Hina congratulate him with a smile. "You got a Turkey!"

"Uh, yeah..." Takemichi stammered, staring at Hina and also (Y/n), remembering the future.

"I totally suck at this." Hina stated as she held a bowling ball, (Y/n) patting her back.

"Don't worry! I'll cheer on you!" She assured the light brown haired female, who smiled widely at her.

'After coming from such an awful present timeline... Seeing Hina's smile is just...' Takemichi's eyes began to brim with tears as he stared at the two.

"What's wrong?" Hina asked in worry, while (Y/n) raised an eyebrow.

'You better tell me later what happened in the future and why I can't access your mind properly.' (Y/n) told the male with a slight frown on her face.

"Nothing." Takemichi told his girlfriend as he pinched his nose to not cry. 'What the hell happened to the future, (Y/n)-Chan?'

'That's what I need to talk to you, kid.' (Y/n) told the male, Takemichi slightly shivered at her seriousness.

Both of them watched hina slightly crouching as she held the ball, the two smiling at the female.

"Go!" Hina release the ball, only to go in the gutter.

'She's so cute!' Takemichi thought, while (Y/n) nodded vigorously next to him, both of them fawning over the female.

'She is!' (Y/n) agreed, watching the light brown haired female. 'I badly wanna keep her in my pocket!'

"Aw man... It went in the gutter again." Hina stated in dissapointment.

'That's right, I was really into bowling this time.' Takemichi remembered. 'I had my own gloves and shoes. I was pretty serious about it.'

"It's your turn now, Takemichi-kun." Hina stated, (Y/n) giving him the ball since she doesn't want to join the game.

Both females watch him carefully. He stood into his position, as he made another strike, along with the male next to him moving in sync.

'What the?! The next guy over got a strike too?' Takemichi thought in shock, staring at the mentioned male.

"Oh? We both got strikes." The male stated, grinning at Takemichi. "We were totally in sync."

"Not bad." The brown haired female stated, looking up from her phone.

'Why do I feel like I've seen him before?' Takemichi thought, (Y/n) and Hina watching the two.

'Thats because you do.' (Y/n) stated bluntly, staring at the male.

"You're Hanagaki Takemichi." Hakkai pointed out with a huge grin. "Aw, come on. Making you a division captain hasn't gone to your head, has it? I'm the second Division Vice-Captain, Shiba Hakkai."

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