Chapter 34

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-Here's another chapter for you all!!! Hope you enjoy the chapter!! Also, Some things are going to be changed, since Tenjiku arc is starting! Also, I was writing this despite my headache, so I apologise if some things doesn't make sense-







"I still don't get it why we're here." (Y/n) muttered as he glanced at the group that was standing next to each other.

"Well, we're here to take a picture!" Baji said pointing at Takemichi, who was fixed the camera.

Mitsuya, Hakkai, Pah, Peh, Draken, Mikey, Kazutora, Baji, Chifuyu, and (Y/n) were called over by Takemichi for a simple picture. They don't even know what's the picture for.

Mikey yawned, while Draken just stood next to him. (Y/n) was posing dramatically next to Baji, while Chifuyu was still standing cluelessly next to them.

"Everyone look this way!" Takemichi called out as he set the camera. "Three.. Two.. One!"

Takemichi ran infront just in time for the camera snap a picture of them. The picture look a little funny to look at, because of their poses especially when Takemichi looks like he was shoved into the picture.

Takemichi got back to the future and looked around and saw that he isn't in the prison like the last timeline, where Naoto arrested him.

'Does this means the timeline has changed?' He thought, but he noticed that he was in a Funeral. His only question was, who's funeral was it?

'Get inside now, Takemichi.' He heard (Y/n) said telepathically to him.

'Eh? (Y/n)-chan? What's going on here?' He asked the female. 'Whose funeral is this?'

'Someone died. Also, I'm actually just around the corner.' She said, while Takemichi looked at the side to see a small floating yellow pyramid that seems to be blending in with the background. He was confused why she was in a pyramid form when the last time he remembered, she was a triangle.

Does this mean she's in the future now, as well? If so, what happened in the past that she's now also in the present when in the other timelines she wasn't around?

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