Chapter 40

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Right now, Toman is currently starting their meeting because of what the incident about Toman members getting beaten up all over Tokyo.

A lot of members in the meeting were covered in bandages for their injuries, while others only received minor bruises.

"Yesterday, our members were raised all over Tokyo by Yokohama's 'Tenjiku'." Draken announced to everyone.

Some Toman members were confused because they haven't heard about the new gang, while those who got beaten up knew who they were.


"You know them?"



"Tenjiku's a gang that was formed recently. We only know a few things about the gang and are looking for more information." Draken continued, not minding the small chattering of the crowd. "Therefore first of all, report yours 1st Division! Please step forward!"

Baji slightly pushed Chifuyu forward to speak, the blonde male gave him a confused look, but nevertheless decided to speak.

"The ones that attacked us is called the 'Mochizuki Unit'." Chifuyu informed the male.

"Mochizuki Unit?" Draken asked in confusion.

"It's a unit that's lead by the former Jugemu Captain, Mochizuki Kanji." Smiley informed them. "They're probably Tenjiku's strongest unit."

"Kawasaki Jugemu's Mocchi isn't it?"

"He's famous!"

"He's one of the S62 Generations."

'S62 Generations?' Takemichi thought as Kazutora filled him with information about them.

He explained to Takemichi about how S62 Generations or also known as the 'vicious generation' got formed, and the crimes they did in the past and other stuffs.

'How did you know all about it, Kazutora-kun?' Takemichi asked the male.

'(Y/n)-chan. She told Baji and I some informations that we needed to know.' Kazutora proudly replied. 'But other than that, she doesn't really talk about her future plans.'

'Eh? Why was I always gets informed last?' Takemichi thought in despair, an imaginary brick falling on his figure.

'Because you're slow af, and a little dumb but overall, you're okay most of the time.' (Y/n) deadpanned.

"Tenjiku's strongest unit isn't Mochizuki." Mitsuya told Mikey, making the attention shift to him.

"Hm?" Smiley glanced at him.

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