Chapter 28

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"Oi, Takashi!" (Y/n) warned to the lilac haired male who don't know why she was sending a warning to him.

"Taka-chan!" Hakkai called to the bruised lilac haired male.

"What's wrong, Mitsuya?" Taiju asked, towering infront of the mentioned male.

Inui suddenly appeared from behind Mitsuya and whacked him with a metal pipe. Kokonoi was following behind the blonde male.

"Taka-chan!" Hakkai looked at the male in worry, while (Y/n) stood up from Yuzuha's side.

"Watch her for me." The female told Kisaki, who don't even have any choice and just stood next to where Yuzuha is, guarding the unconscious female.

"What the hell did you just do, you son of a bitch?!" Takemichi asked in anger.

"Bring it on, you little shit!" Taiju challenged the male, towering because of his height.

"Damn, he's not moving." (Y/n) cursed as she poked Mitsuya's cheek, crouching next to Hakkai.

She frowned and placed a hand over him, Hakkai was shocked when he saw her hand glowed a little before disappearing. He questioned himself if it was real or not.

"Oi, don't attack yet, you two." Kisaki called after the two blondes as Mitsuya finally stood up.

"I'm alright." Mitsuya said, swaying a little while (Y/n) and Hakkai held him in place.

"Don't move too much." The female told him, she didn't healed him up completely, mainly because it might overwhelm the others to know she's a demon.

"The situation looks hopeless." Mitsuya pointed out as the present Toman members gathered. "Taiju's a total beast and those two are insanely strong."

"But we got Hanma de banana over here." The female pointed out to the giraffe that was now next to her. "He's a zombie even if you beat him up."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Hanma told her, with a grin, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"But what about those two?" Chifuyu asked, pointing at the two Black Dragons. "You and Takemichy are the only two left that's in good shape!"

"Yeah, I can actually solo the other two while you guys fight Taiju, I don't think y'all would want that but still." (Y/n) said before glancing at Kisaki. "You can Analyze the situation here while keeping Yuzuha safe, tell them information."

"Alright." The males all nods, even though Mitsuya don't understand half of what she's saying, he just agreed.

Taiju was faced with four opponents while (Y/n) was now facing Inui and Kokonoi. She might look calm, but don't forget that her sweater was still colored red so don't try to make her mood go far beyond that.

"Isn't this a very unfair fight?" She giggled at them, seeing that it's 2V1.

They watched as she carelessly trudge towards them, she was quick to catch Kokonoi's incoming arm and put a wad of money to his hand taking the male off guard.

"I don't really need to waste a lot of energy by fighting you two." She giggled at their cinfused expression.

The two stared at her giggling figure, he smile turning into psychopathic one, sending shivers down their spine. She suddenly pulled out a rope out of nowhere, a huge grin on her face.

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