Chapter 13

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Before (Y/n) could take another step, the zombie dude grabbed her arm to prevent her from taking another step, making her throw a glare at the male for the sudden physical contact.

"What?" She snapped at the male, who began to examine her from head to toe while (Y/n)'s grin entirely dropped.

"I wonder what Toman sees in you to let a girl join in their Gang." Hanma muttered to himself that went unnoticed by the female because of her glares and annoyance at the lanky male.

"If you're done now, can you let go?" She asked and harshly pulled her arm away from the male, who just chuckled at her. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go now. I'll leave you two to plan how to destroy Toman... Which is impossible since I'm here, by the way."

The (h/c)nette decided to cancel her plan to talk to Hanma because she finds the male annoying especially with the hearts at the end of his sentence. After all, her main plan for now is to get Kisaki under her wing and make him one of his pawns or puppet.

"How did you know about that?" Kisaki asked, making (Y/n) stopped at her tracks and gave a sly grin at the glasses boy, Hanma just watch everything silently in amusement.

"I know lots of things." She stated with a smirk, proud of herself for easily initiating her first step in her plan when she saw their curious look on their eyes.

"Like what? What else do you know?" Kisaki asked, seemingly provoking her to spill the information, making the female chuckled.

"Why should I tell you? You know, I can just go to Mikey right now and tell them that you're actually planning something about Toman's destruction." (Y/n) shrugged and giving them a threatening stare.

'The first step is to make them curious and thirst for more information.' She thought mentally, her smirk widening when she saw their bothered look.

"You're really feisty, aren't you, doll? ♡" The male asked, making (Y/n) glanced at him, his stare slightly making him wanna look at the other side.

"Hey? Wanna know my first impression about you in about 3 seconds?" (Y/n) asked, while Hanma raised his brow.

"Please, do tell~" He stated, leaning to the female who nearly flipped him off.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The female screeched loudly, making Hanma slightly winced at her loudness but stayed glued to his spot and just chuckled at her.

"How about we make a deal?" Kisaki offered to the female and ignoring the scene earlier, making the heterochromia eyed female lowly chuckled to herself.

'This guy, doesn't know he's dealing with a deal maker demon.' (Y/n) thought to herself, as she fully turned her back to face the two males.

"What's the deal?" She asked the male, a wide smirk plastered on her face.

"Don't tell anyone about what you know." Kisaki suggested to the female, making (Y/n) snickered slightly.

"Sure, what do I get in return?" She asked him, her eyes glinting slightly in mischief.

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