Chapter 30

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-Here's the awaited Chapter! I hope you enjoy!!! I kept getting sidetracked because of our Chaotic Gang, so I haven't posted any chapters yesterday 💀-




The female stared at the three males infront of here, who in turn stared back at her. Two were wearing blank expressions while one was grinning smugly.

"Long time no see, (Y/n)!" He enthusiastically greeted the female, his eye glowing brightly.

'(Y/n)... She's the one that my brother won't stop talking about.' Izana thought, a pang of annoyance rising through his chest as he remembered him.

"Why are they here?" She asked at the male, but seeing a contract chain on Izana's wrist already answered her question.

"I'm I just made a deal with them!" The male grinned at her, his yellow catlike eyes glowing like a neon light.

"So you two do know each other?" Izana spoke, noticing their resemblance.

Both of them have matching tophats on their head that seems to be hovering, both have one eye with yellow catlike slit, have yellow brick patterned sweater and also their mischievous grin.

Except, the male have a blonde and black hair while (Y/n) have (h/c)nette hair. (Y/n)'s left eye is colored (e/c) while the male's left eye is covered by an eyepatch.

"Yeah, duh." Both said rolling their eyes simultaneously.

"The name's Bill—"

"— And, He's me and I am him but you don't even know what I'm talking about, so I won't explain it." The female said, continuing what Bill was supposed to say. "Why are you two here?"

"I've seen them around just now, and I happen to stumble upon them earlier too, I also sent Kill after you." He shrugged, answering her question. "I doubt he'll ever show himself again."

"And...?" (Y/n) frowned, sassily picking on her nails. "Do I look like I give a shit about him?"

"I know, that's why I'd didn't continue." He told her.

Both Kakucho and Izana watch the two interact, it's like watching one person talk to himself, seeing that both demons have the same level of energy and it's like they have the same braincells. Of course they have, they're the same person after all except for the gender.

"I've already talked to these two to form Tenjiku along with some people I personally know of." The blonde male said with a grin. 'Tenjiku's already built, and honestly it's going to be bigger than Toman. Some members are strong too, not gonna lie.'

"Oh? I see, I won't pry since it's not my business." She chuckled, giving the two males a side glance. 'They wanted to defeat Mikey and become Tokyo's top gang, am I right?'

"You better be." Bill teased, making (Y/n) roll her eyes. 'Yeah. They wanted to recruit strong people to easily beat Toman, and it includes you. Izana's strength is on par with Mikey, too.'

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