Chapter 35

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Both (Y/n) and Chifuyu were walking around, they just finished talking to Kisaki earlier about something and they both agreed in taking a stroll around the place.

"It's still raining." Chifuyu commented to the female, as he held out a hand while looking at the gray sky.

"Should I stop the rain?" (Y/n) asked with a mischievous grin, glancing at the blonde next to her.

"Uh... I don't think so." Chifuyu nervously said, he was kinda afraid that the female will do something bad.

"Alright." The female rolled her eyes, both of them passed by a park.

"Huh?" Chifuyu muttered as he saw someone familiar fighting a tire wheel under the rain.

"I won't lose!" Takemichi yelled as he continued punching the wheel.

"What are you doing?" Chifuyu asked as he and (Y/n) approached the male.

"Chifuyu, (Y/n)-chan?! What are you two doing here?" Takemichi asked in shocked, seeing the two unexpectedly popping out of nowhere.

"Talking to a tire wheel under the rain, that's kinda creepy." Chifuyu pointed out.

"Mhm. Are you finally turning insane, now?" She asked him.

"Shut your mouths!" Takemichi snapped at them. "I'm busy. I'm not playing around here."

"Hm? What are you talking about?" Chifuyu asked as a vein popped on his cheek.

"How's the future?" (Y/n) asked him, she ready knew what happened since she was there, but the other blonde should know about it too.

Chifuyu literally froze when he heard her ask that, it didn't take long for him to process what she said.

"Uh... So, You're... The Takemichi of the future?!" Chifuyu pointed out.

Takemichi began to tell him about what happened in the future, while (Y/n) assisted him with some parts that he forgot to add.

"WHAT?! EVERYONE IS DEAD?!" Chifuyu exclaimed, dropping his umbrella. "AND MIKEY KILLED THEM?!"

(Y/n) just listened to their drama as he sat on the ground, she didn't even bother that she was already soaked because of the rain.

"How am I gonna save everyone? I have no idea..." Takemichi cried helplessly to Chifuyu.

"Idiotmichi." (Y/n) snapped at the male. "We've made a deal, remember?"

"But you weren't even in the future, (Y/n)-chan!" Takemichi cried, while the female tried to maintain her grin.

"Did you forgot what am I?" The female asked, a vein popping on her forehead. "If there's one thing we have in common, it's the fact about not giving up when wanting to accomplish something even if we both use different methods to achieve it."

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