Chapter 46

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"Now then..." Izana approached the Four males who still haven't join the fight. "'Era of brutality', it's your time to shine."

Just before he dismissed them, a sudden thought suddenly crossed his mind, remembering something.

"Also, do not engage in a fight with Toman's third division captain." Izana added. "Leave her be."

Back to the fight, (Y/n) was having fun along with Kazutora and Baji. The three of them settled a bet, they will do a dare of whoever knocked out the most members.

"I've already knocked down a lot." Baji said, grinning proudly at the bunch of beaten up bodies that's been piled up.

"Oh? Looks like you two still got a long way to go." (Y/n) called, standing on top of the piled bodies of unconscious Tenjiku members.

(Y/n) suddenly stopped, sensing the change of the atmosphere. She glanced at Kazutora and Baji fighting side by side then at the other Toman members.

Chifuyu was fighting Mochi, Koko and Inui are both fighting Mucho, Angry and Hakkai are both fighting the Haitani brothers. It was better than what was supposed to happen, she thought.

She clicked her tongue and making a detour to help them, for the stronger opponents were already released to the field.

"Oi, where are you going?" Kazutora asked, noticing the (h/c) haired female's attempt to stray from her spot.

"Uh, change of the plan. I gotta help the others." With that said, (Y/n) quickly vanished from their sight.

In the distance, Kisaki and Hanma watched the fight, keeping eyes of what's happening. Izana was sitting near them, also watching the fight.

"Seems like Tenjiku's having a hard time crushing Toman." Kisaki pointed out. 'So far, everything has gone like the plan.'

Their attention suddenly shifted to Chifuyu who was fighting Mocchi. The guy just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked Chifuyu.

"We formed at the juvenile center when we were 13." Izana told them, Kisaki turning his head ever so slightly to listen. "The 'generation of brutality'. Mocchi's crime was 'obstructing the execution of public duty', he beat up a cop who was trying to stop a fight. Bloodlusty, isn't he?"

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