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(Y/n) was nowhere around, which seems very unusual since she is always present in every Toman Gathering or would be seen following Takemichi around.

Tenjiku was also there, mainly to have a truce with Toman and also have an alliance for some reason. That was because Kisaki has planned to make the two Gangs be on their good sides.

"Do you think something happened to her?" Chifuyu asked, he was very worried why the female hasn't showed up yet.

"Maybe she got caught up with something?" Baji pointed out, remembering that the female sometimes get engrossed over things.

"Baji-kun is right. She's probably doing something important right now." Takemichi stated, but he can't help shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

"But knowing her, she's probably up to something bad." Dipper said, as he appeared put of nowhere along with his sister.

"What are you two doing here?" Mikey asked them, and yes, he know them since he'd sometimes see Dipper hanging out in his brother's shop.

"I was withe Shinichiro earlier, and he wanted me to tell you to pick up Emma from the mall since he's busy." Dipper answered.

"He's always busy." Mikey muttered to himself as they all waited for a bit.

Everyone waited for the female demon to arrive, but after an hour of waiting and she's still wasn't there, they decided to just start the meeting without her.

"Takemichy, can you tell (Y/n)-chin about the meeting?" Mikey asked the piss haired male.

Takemichi just nodded his head. He actually noticed how (Y/n) seemed to distance herself from the others these past few days, and would act a little weirder. He decided that if ever he saw her later he'll ask her about it.

That's when something weird happened.

That's when something weird happened

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