Together Again Chapter 44

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This chapter may seem a little out of place, it is simply a filler chapter. The original chapter that was scheduled to come out next, was No Rest For The Wicked, and if you didn't know that is the one where Dean dies and goes to hell.


So, due to obvious reasons, I've opted to give us a chapter of fluff.



This chapter also contains a moment where a song will play, to increase your reading experience when you see this, -----------, play the recommended song.

Recommended Song, The Night We Met, by Lord Huron

Whoever said that loss gets easier with time was a liar. Here's what really happens: The spaces between the times you miss them grow longer. Then, when you do remember to miss them again, it's still with a stabbing pain to the heart. And you have guilt. Guilt because it's been too long since you missed them last.

Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

Belle sniffled lightly, picking at the blood that clung to the underside of her nails, waiting, the sprawling warmth of the afternoon heating the young huntress' cheeks, lighting them with a sweet pink stain. Rolling over on the cool grass, Belle allowed herself to sprawl in the sun, like a cat, soaking up the warm rays. A quiet woosh caused the teen to crack her eyes open, only to see inquisitive blue ones staring down at her, practically glowing in the daylight. "What are you doing?" Her voice pierced the calm buzzing, the huntress smiling fully up at the angel.

"Laying in the sun," she hums, patting the cool ground beside her, "join me?" She whispered, the anxiety of denial filling her only for moments before the celestial plops down eyes boring into the exposed skin of the huntress.

Her hands hesitantly ghosted over the flesh of her thighs, tracing above a scar that stretched over the side. "Why are you wearing this?"

The teen glanced down at her clothes, short black jean shorts, and a tight cropped ac/dc shirt, blushing lightly as the freckles became more and more apparent as the sun goes on. "I uh, it's hot." She offers lamely, "So... humans tend to wear less." She admits.

"May I?" The angel questioned, hand creeping up to the based of her stomach, with a curious nod the fingertips of the angel lightly traced up her stomach, causing goosebumps to rise across her skin. "I..." the angel traced, "I seem to find that my mouth is becoming dry." She whispered, a kiss falling on Belle's cheek before she continues her hand's journey. The hand grasping fully at her ribs and laying there. as another kiss falls on her rose petal-soft lips. "I think," Jaibrien gasps as she continues to pepper light kisses on her face, "That you look exceptionally beautiful," two more soft pecks on her nose, "In this light."

Not that the huntress will admit it, but the giggle that left her mouth filled the breeze, causing the angel to absolutely melt. Belle grabbed the suit jacket of the angel, pulling her down on her allowing them to intertwine together. "I missed you," Belle admitted shyly, the angel reaching over to grasp her face softly.

"I missed you as well," Jaibrien murmurs, "heaven has been exceptionally trying when I know you await me here on earth. "
With a snort Belle pushes the woman playfully, "you're ridiculous."

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