Henosis Chapter 26

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"For what it’s worth: It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

When the duo finally did reach the mall, it was in high hopes, the two felt light in the warmth of the shared karaoke and laughter that left a pleasant buzz surrounding them in the cabin of the car. As Morgan pulled into an outlet area, he paused, parking beside a grouping of other cars, turning to her, he smiled and offered her a pair of sunglasses, much like the ones he'd placed firmly on his face. Snorting, the Winchester placed them on, pushing them up the bridge of her nose happily.

Derek smiled at her, stepping out of the car and meeting the rest of the group who were leaning against their cars laughing. For now, it was Emily, Penny, Spencer and Rossi. JJ was spending the day with her family and Hotch has been, admittedly, left out of the outing.

Derek didn't feel bad at all.


Belle was greeted happily by the group, Spencer joining her side immediately as he talked about a book he'd recently read, Belle nodding along and adding to his points as Derek hugged and talked with the girls. Rossi smiled happily on the side lines, shooing Spencer away temporarily so he could say hello to his "new favourite person."

"How was the first night?" Garcia asked him, the jingle of her bracelets chiming as she wound her arm around Derek's.

The man sighed, "Good, a nightmare and panic attack but she was okay other than that I think."

Penny clicked her tounge in sympathy and Emily clapped her hands together, "So, where to first?"

All eyes snapped to Derek who glanced toward Belle, causing the huntress to raise her hands in the air as her cheeks brightened. "Uhm, how about a furniture store, so Belle can pick up some new bedding and decorations for her room?" As they made their way over, the young teen walked between Reid and Rossi, each poking fun toward the other as they shared stories. Rewarded every now and again with a snort or giggle from the teen and of course a wise assed remark here or there.

"I don't know, hes like a supercomputer." David said, wiggling a ringed finger in the air accusingly at the genius. "Like Google, his mind is quick."

Spencer opened his mouth to return a biting remark but Belle chimes in first, "Is his mind quick or are you just old?"

That resulted in the Doctor uncontrollably laughing as the elder man holds his hand to his chest in mock hurt, "That's it you're out of my will."

"I was in it?" The teen asks, her brow arched playfully.

Rossi just narrowed his eyes and poked her forehead, "well now you'll never know."

"Don't worry, I'll put you in mine." Spencer stated, nudging her with his shoulder.

The group is haulted infront of a shop window, "Hey pretty boy, kiddo, why don't we look around in here?" Derek asks, gesturing to it. They all file in the rather large store, immediately the group starts to split off, Belle wandered around trailing after Derek, Penny and Spencer as they walked toward the bedroom department, that's when Derek paused and narrowed his eyes, "What's your favourite colour?"

Belle froze, not expecting the question before she shrugged her shoulders, "I've never really had one." She says, her mind flashing back to deep pools of blue ruined by a flash of light and blinding pain. Not blue no blue. "Just, uhm, avoid blue?" She says, biting her lip slightly.

Penny nodded, moving toward the bedding, "How about... grey and yellow?"

Spencer shook his head, "Yellow promotes energy and excitement, not good for a bedroom," The man hummed as he ran his eyes over the patterns, "I'd say do a baby pink, it pairs with grey and allows for comfort, trust and sensitivity."

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