An emergency Author's Note

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I want to start off by saying thank you, each and everyone of you.

It's amazing, I could not have imagined this would be the outcome of a small idea I had in my head.

Moving on, I personally have been going through a lot. I'm 17 and was kicked out of home so I'm just dealing with homelessness and all that fun stuff.

Plus my senior year of Highschool and getting ready for college.

So chapters will not have a set schedule.

Moving on from that bs. Let's talk about Dean for a moment.

In Green Eyes, he's not a good guy! And he is definitely not a good father. He was never going to be.

I understand he may be your guys' favourite, I mean. He's mine also, but in this story he acts just like anyone would! He's selfish and he does exactly what Sam's dying wish is, and that's him being normal.

He raised Sam! If his baby brother asked for him to live normally? To give everything the hunting life is, up, he would.

That's what the point if the story is. Differing point of views, being selfish!

Dean does this when he gives up Belle.

Morgan does this when he takes her in, because he was lonely, because he needed someone.

Belle was selfish when she stayed with Jaibrien over her father, when she trusted her, over the man who raised her.

In this story Belle is going to be selfish in the end.

And that's okay.

Being Selfish is okay.

I, in this story, am giving Dean a way to be selfish.

So no, Dean is not going to become super Dad, he will not be redeemed that way, and that is okay.

I just wanted to let you all know. Because I get that he is your favourite but even our favourites can be selfish.


I love all of you, and if you need me. I'm here.

Remember! Sometimes, its okay to be selfish :)

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Remember! Sometimes, its okay to be selfish :)

I'll see you all soon-

Your Author

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