True Identities Chapter 8

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"Who are you?"
"No one of consequence."
"I must know."
"Get used to disappointment." 
― William Goldman 

*Three days later*

The team buzzed in the conference room, Spencer was writing phrases down on the whiteboard and Garcia was talking to her crime fighters. 

"I can't triangulate the signal at all, but I think I find our Jane Doe's identity."

Morgan sighed, "Yeah, Belle Winchester." 

"No like, before the Winchester last name."

That caught everyone's attention. 

"Who is she, Garcia?" Hotch questioned. 

"Okay, so I dated back around fifteen to sixteen years ago for sweet baby girls names Belle without a father on the birth certificate."

"And?" Rossi ushered. 

"Apparently there is a lot of unhappy baby mamas so I found about two hundred, so I cross-checked it with the death certificate of the mothers that had given birth to all our Belle's and cut it down to about sixty, after that, I added the supposed year of when Mama would have died and that comes down to about six."

Everyone was getting antsy at the dragged out story. "What happened after that Baby girl?" 

"Haha, that is when I kick in my amazing tech goddess magic, so I also put in missing child reports from CPS and viola! Lila Apollyon gave birth to a beautiful Belle Apollyon on October 31st 1996, her mother died, was murdered actually when poor Belle was four. She stayed to give her statement but then disappeared."

Morgan nodded along with her, "That means Missouri was telling the truth." He informs before turning to the phone. 

"Thanks, Baby girl."

"Good day my furry crime fighters." She bid her farewells and ended the call. 

Now it was time for everyone to discuss the facts of the case, each of them turned towards each other. 

"So a four-year-old girl who suffered the loss of her mother decided she would find her father with no adult help?" Rossi asked. 

"So she has above average intelligence." Prentiss offered. 

"Or she knew about the dangers her mother was in in the first place, she could have been trained for that occurrence." JJ countered. 

Off to the side, their residential genius starred at a book, reading through and comparing it, furrowing his eyebrows before turning to them. 

"Guys! I got it." Reid shouted, catching their attention. 

"Have what, Pretty Boy?" 

He wildly waved to the scribbles on the board. 

"His act, our unsubs' fantasy. I've figured it out."

Hotch just stared at him telling him to continue. 

"Okay so when he introduced himself what name did he use?" Spencer ushered, 

"Oh," Rossi gasped slightly before answering, "Adramalech."

Morgan looked confused, "Adramalech?" he echoed. 

"He's s a Great Chancellor of the underworld and President of the HIgh Council of Devils."

"Meatsuits and humans" Prentiss realized, "that's what he called us as if he wasn't also human."

"He thinks he's a demon?" JJ asked. 

"Then why is he trying to kill Belle? Does he think she isn't human either? Maybe he sees her as a biblical figure." JJ suggested.

"Maybe, but think back to the first video. He called her a hunter. What if he thinks her the Winchester brothers kill 'non-human's creatures." Reid added into the discussion.

Hotch nodded along slightly. "So his aim will have to do with the Catholic or Christian religion. Are there any areas that have an outstanding background of biblical properties?" He asked.
Next thing the team knew they were calling Garcia for more information on the land.

"So I found something interesting," Garcia informed them after a few minutes of her typing away.

"Lay it on us, Penny." Emily urged, looking up from the manila folder that was layed before her.

"Alright, do you guys remember all the weird weatherly things that happened two months ago? Y'know the random burst of snow in places snow shouldn't be... And that huge storm in Detroit?"

"C'mon Baby girl, get to your point."

"Okay. So around that time, people claimed that it was signs that the apocalypse was happening."

Reid nodded his head, "I read about that."

"Well, I did some digging and apparently a huge battle between Lucifer and Michael was supposedly happening here in Lawrence, Kansas."

A loud sigh emitted from Rossie's lips. Before Garcia continued.

"Alright, so I decided to cross check that with biblical references and I found it. The Stull Cemetery has gained an ominous reputation due to urban legends involving Satan, the occult, and a purported "gateway to Hell. The rumours about the cemetery were popularized by a newspaper which claimed that the Devil appeared in Stull twice a year: once on Halloween, and once on the spring equinox. People soon said that the cemetery was the location of one of the seven gates of hell and that the nearby Evangelical Emmanuel Church ruin was "possessed" by the Devil. However, most academics, historians, and local residents are in agreement that the legend has no basis in historical fact and was created and spread by students."

"So this Stull Cemetery is supposedly a gate to hell." Morgan deadpanned.


"Is there anything else Garcia?" Hotch questioned.

"Well, if I were a demon and someone stopped my overlord from returning to earth to reek havoc well, I'd be mad to sir." Came her witty reply. 

As the call dropped out everyone sat for a second, wondering if this was it, were they really going to find her, bring her home?

"Let's go to Stull Cemetary then," Hotch said as the team stood, grabbing their gear and making there way to the SUVs calling to the sheriff as they got a team together. 

They sat still in the car, Morgan white-knuckled at the steering wheel, exhilaration pulsing through him as his foot twitched over the gas. He glanced at the quiet agent that sat next to him. 

"We'll find her."

Reid's eyes flashed to his, smiling slightly. 

"I know." 

Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man's life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.

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