Roommates Chapter 19

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"Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like." 
― Lemony Snicket

"Belle? Belle, you need to breathe, there you go, in and out, just like that." A soothing voice broke the young girl from the lull she'd been in, the soaking rain and storming booms of thunder faded, a hand running through her hair. "Hey, Ms. Winchester? You with us?" Blinking sluggishly she focused on what was happening, her vision began to fade in, warm golds and light beiges of the afternoon replaced the darkness. Looking up she saw Nurse Alverez smiling down. "You okay, niña?" 

She let out a stuttering gasp, "Yes? What happened?"  

The Nurse smiled kindly, "You had a panic attack, my dear, have you gotten them before?" 

Belle nodded and noticed that Agent Douche was gone, "Where'd the suit go?" She eyed the door suspiciously, fear creeping into her chest like shadows stretching through a forest, suffocating her. Yet Alverez waved her fears away, letting her hand fall to her hair brushing the curls back. 

"I kicked him out," She states nonchalantly, "he impeded on your health." Belle allowed her lips to stretch in a smile. 

Slowly she rose to her feet, ignoring the protest from the short woman, with a nod she grabbed her boots that lay at the post of her bed, zipping up the sides and straightening herself out. "I'm allowed to leave right?" Belle asked, itching to feel fresh air on her skin again, to feel the warmth of the sun, man it's crazy what you miss in captivity. 

"Well," The nurse begins guilty, "You're allowed to go home yes but since you're a minor we have to release you with a guardian." 

Belle's dark brows furrowed, "A guardian? I don't have one of those." A knock seemed to answer her and she turned to see Agent Morgan shifting on his feet at the doorway, a woman next to him. Her face was shrewd up with wrinkles, eyes beady and cold, nothing about her screamed 'I'm an okay person!' So Belle was on defense, and here she thought she might get a rest.

Derek walked in timidly, his normal confidence disappearing. "Hey, Belle." He gave a meek wave. 

"Sup Agent?" The woman on the verge of dust wrinkled her nose, staring distastefully at her. 

Cutting off dear agent dude, her shrill voice pierced the air, "Miss Winchester?"  She said her name as if it was poison on her tongue, "I'm Karen Marello, with Child Protective Services, I wanted to talk to you about foster placement." 

A fire burst in Belle's chest, her face turning to stone, "I ain't going to a foster home." She snapped, ignoring the flinch that came from Nurse Alverez, "Now walk back to whatever desk job they need you at, I'm leaving." With that, she straightened her back and went to go through the doorway when the hag grabbed her arm, quickly Belle hit the underneath of her attacker's arm grabbing it and pulling inward, her other arm locking around her neck, chest still, "Don't touch me unless you want your neck snapped." She hissed, voice like ice. 

The movements caused the shrew to squawk and shriek at the top of her lungs whilst Morgan tried to get her to calm, his hands were up. Why were they up? What was she a wounded deer?"Belle, kid, you gotta let her go, she won't touch you again I promise."

Fear was racing through her chest, this woman wanted to stick her in a home, wanted to make her suffer, she could take care of herself... she could do this... she didn't need Dean. "She's gonna make me go to a Home Agent, I can't do that." 

"No, no, no," He calmed, "You're gonna come with me kid." 

Belle let her arms fall away as she stepped back with shock. "I'm... what?" 

Karen was sniffling and yelling as Nurse A checked over her but Morgan only kept his eyes interlocked with her, pain flushing through his chest as he realized just how vulnerable she was. 

"Yeah, I pulled some strings kid... we're gonna go to Virginia, I have an extra room in my house... we'll figure everything out together." Derek watched as the teen soaked up this information, her nose scrunched in confusion. 

"Christo." She snapped, hair bouncing as she shook her head, Derek just watched confused as she said it louder, "Christo!" His eyes why weren't they turning black? Why? What other reason would he have for doing this? "Why." 

Derek almost didn't catch it but once he processed it her just shrugged, "I wanna help you kid... so what do you say? Want to be roommates?" His kind smile made Belle bite her lip. 

Could she trust him?

Is this what she wants? 

Would Sam have wanted this? 

And god what would her faht-


What would he think?

Why was she worried about it? 

What was that saying her mom used to tell her? 

Miecz przeznaczenia ma dwa ostrza. Jednym jesteś ty.

The sword of destiny has two edges. You are one of them.

"Yeah... that sounds nice." She whispers. 

Let's see the other side of that sword.

"There is no shame in not knowing. The shame lies in not finding out." 

– Assyrian Proverb

Sorry for the delay guys I do college class in the summer and I'm starting school again next week! I'm also really sorry for it to be so short but we are getting into the next phase of the story, which means more looks into Belle's past and her living with our favourite agents! I'll try to get more constant! Thanks for reading! 

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