Truths Chapter 40

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People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it's served up.

George R.R. Martin

Spencer sighed as the phone call ended almost as quickly as it had begun.  He'd known Belle made contact with Derek a few weeks after her disappearance but hearing the fragile warmth in his niece's voice shattered him.  She had been here, safe, and living her life, away from the darkness that her father had draped over her existence and now... she was gone.

So he sat in the stillness of his apartment the scent of books and coffee surrounding him as he stared blankly at the television.  Why did everyone he got close to have to disappear, was it just his luck? Or maybe it was him.

A swift and abrupt knock startled him from his self-deprecating thoughts, it continued, hard raps on the door coming constantly, increasingly becoming more frantic as he sat. Rushing to his feet, he yanked open the door, face falling as he noticed who was on the other side. "Lis?" He questioned tone akin to a puppy. 

They didn't look how Spencer remembered them, usually, they were put together with miraculous and graceful chaos that he'd admired, but this? 

Their eyes were harshly bruised with sleep deprivation, makeup staining in a day old manner. They were dressed in a hoodie, one he recognized as Belle's. They watched him, chest heaving as they took in the sight, "Dr. Reid." They breathed. 

"Yeah," looking down he noticed their feet were void of shoes only covered in thin socks, wet from the rain that was pounding outside, "Come in, are you okay?" He rushed the teen inside looking around the hall as he closed the door behind him. Rounding to see the cotton candy haired kid, he
coaxed them to take a seat. "Here get warm," He placed a duvet over their damp shoulders, not caring at the moment. 

They nodded, sniffing as they take a seat on the couch, Spencer moving swiftly to the kitchen, grabbing Lis a hot chocolate, remembering when Belle, Lis and he argued about which was better, coffee, hot chocolate or tea, Lis preferred the sweeter one. 

Placing the mug in front of them he joins their form on the couch, "Do your uh," he clears his throat, tapping awkwardly, "Do your parent know you're here." 

"I came as soon as I found something," They stutter out, grabbing the backpack they'd brought with them. "Dr. Reid I found something." 

There was a deafening moment of silence between the two, and he nods, settling himself on the cushions, "Should I call Morgan?" 

"No!" Lis shouted, shaking violently, "I'm not sure how to handle this and I don't think he would either."

Spencer sighs, "What do you mean?" Lis takes a moment grabbing a wad of papers and books from their bag, splaying it out between them, the agent flicks on the side lamp to give a bit more light as they talk. 

"Belle... her last name, it isn't just Morgan is it?" They begin, causing  Spencer to stiffen defensively, "Her name is Belle Winchester." Handing him over a mug shot of a younger Belle and multiple others of her two old guardians, Spencer is silent as they begin to ramble.  "I mean, she never mentioned it and I kinda knew she was in some type of WITSEC, but this?" They point to an 'FBI Most Wanted' flyer, "She's the daughter of the Serial Killer Dean Winchester."

The male swallows, a certain harshness settling between them, crackles of tension building. "How... how did you find out?" He asks, heart pounding, he knew Lis wouldn't do anything, but knowing that someone out of the circle knew the truth made him uncomfortable. 

"Belle.. she uh," Lis' grip tightened on the paper, crinkling the edges a bit, "She uhm, she used to talk about things you know?" As Reid gave them a look, they continued, "She'd talk about things.. as if she were there not intentionally but... it made me think, and her laptop, the day she and I were hanging out... right before." They freeze, shaking themselves, "She was doing a search for Dean Winchester." He nods once, confirming it and Lis went on, "So I started doing research, past deaths, crimes, witness accounts everything and they all say the same thing, The Winchester Family are heroes."

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