The Marine Chapter 13

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We have a saying in the Marine Corps and that is 'no better friend, no worse enemy, than a U.S. Marine.' We always hope for the first, friendship, but are certainly more than ready for the second.

 John F. Kelly

Rossi entered the hospital hesitantly, he wasn't sure how he was going to approach this case if you could even call it that. Morgan and Reid came up with the idea of him getting to know Belle, why? They decided that if she was raised as a soldier who better to speak to her than ex-marine? 

He stood outside the room a 'care package' as  Penelope had excitedly told him was balanced in his hands. An assortment of sweets, plushes, and toiletries wrapped delicately inside. Stiffly he knocks on the door frame not wanting to walk in without permission. 

A silvery tone answered him carefully as a figure he'd recognized from a screen appears in front of him. "Can I help you?"

The elder man was taken aback, the young girl looked much better her freckled cheeks showing a rosier tint as a good sign of health. The cold eyes he'd come to associate with her had an ember of light flickering inside the greening depths. It seemed her jade eyes were slowly taking on an apple green tone. Her short stature had taken a defensive position, her body was rigid and ready for a fight as she awaited his answer. 

"Hello, I'm Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi..." he trialed slightly as her eyebrow raised. 


David stared surprised letting out a befuddled, "What?"

"Your badge, let me see it." She extended an impatient hand as Rossi quickly got his identification out. Belle scanned over it quickly before handing it back to him, nodding in confirmation. "Allora, Rossi, è Italiano?" She made her way back to her bed as he followed her. "Spero proprio di sì o si può pensare che sono pazzo, ben più di quello che fai già." 

A joyful laugh rose to his chest having a slight dumbfounded ring."Come conoscete l'italiano?" He asked taking a seat. 

"Il mio nome è Belle per un motivo." She answered folding her hands in her lap. 

"You are full of surprises Miss Winchester." 

"Is that good or bad?" She quirked snarkily. 

"We'll find out, this is for you by the way. Our co-worker Penelope made it herself." He handed over the gift and settled in, used to the toughness of these chairs. 

Belle looked at it placing it to her side as the pair sat in silence. "So, Vietnam? Also, how does a Marine end up becoming an author?" She asked out of nowhere

"How did you know I served in Vietnam and that I was a Marine?" He jerked forward slightly in confusion. "Am I that readable?" 

Her eyes trained on him expertly. "Your haircut while quite lax still follows military grade quirks, sideburns cut before the first small of the ear, the sides barely away from your scalp," She hummed slightly continuing on. " Your stature as you walked in was a tell also, your eyes surveyed the room looking for threats and exits. That and your ring." She motioned for his hand to be placed above hers, not touching. "The black onyx was limited towards those serving in Vietnam, many use black agate as a substitute but it has more of a greenish glow." Her hand ghosted over his as she continues. "Black onyx is very limited towards Naval and Marine use, seeing as it pertains to self-control, decision-making, intuition, and protection." All Rossi could do was stare at her as her finger circled the motto on the outer edges of his ring. "Mors est in Tenebris," She spoke in perfect Latin. "Death in the Dark." She nodded. "It was a Marine motto in the Vietnam era, the third battalion I believe. Nicknamed Shadow Warriors." Delicately she moved his hand back using his sleeve. 

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