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LOVE, CAROLYN - S. REID by kittenwhiskerss
"Poetry was never really my strong suit, I guess. but if there were words to describe what you mean to me, god knows I would try my best." 《☆》 (Seasons 5-6) (P...
  • teilorgrubbs
  • davidrossi
  • derekmorgan
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Addison Winchester (Now Completed) by LillyTheTurtle
Addison Winchester (Now Completed)by Sierra Orr
"Looking for something?" A chill voice sounded from behind me. Whipping around the man who stood behind me held the child that had been sleeping inside the cri...
  • hotch
  • daughter
  • spencerreid
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Every Me And Every You  by CherrysCriminalMind
Every Me And Every You by CherrysCriminalMind
A case involving BDSM leads to an interesting discussion between the reader and her colleague Spence Reid on their car ride home. Finding out a lot more about Spencer th...
  • reid
  • criminalminds
  • drspencerreid
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Coffee, Tea //  Spencer Reid by Daykieee
Coffee, Tea // Spencer Reidby Criminal Reid🍏
"Did you know that kissing is actually more hygienic than shaking hands?" ____________________________________ When Lilith Park started her new job as a medica...
  • slowburn
  • bau
  • poc
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Spencer Reid X Reader- Criminal Minds Inserts by Kill_Me_Now_Thanks
Spencer Reid X Reader- Criminal hEy
Join the BAU! just fooling around but I hope you enjoy!
  • drreid
  • bau
  • spencereid
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spencer reid ⇾ oneshots ✔︎REQUESTS OPEN✔︎ by maydearest
spencer reid ⇾ oneshots ✔︎ may
Spencer Reid oneshots [always looking for requests!] I write : •fluff •smut (not that it's good) •angst •songfics -if you want a detailed request DM me -otherwise p...
  • spencer
  • rossi
  • xreader
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Overdue || S. Reid [ON HOLD] by YikesAMillion
Overdue || S. Reid [ON HOLD]by manda
"What do you do when you rush out of here, anyway?" "I wish that I could tell you."
  • love
  • spencerreid
  • crime
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[COMPLETED] ❝ we need someone to replace blake and i think we should give her a chance. ❞ ❝ spence, she's a criminal. ❞ the four horsemen had earned the title of the mos...
  • spencer
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2017
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Spencer Reid | One Shots by lastoftherealones
Spencer Reid | One Shotsby lastoftherealones
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN!] Here's a collection of one shots centering around everyone's favorite genius.
  • imagines
  • oneshots
  • mgg
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Morgan's Daughter (Completed) by glwithausername
Morgan's Daughter (Completed)by glwithausername
Derek Morgan is an FBI agent. When Derek was 18 he got a girl pregnant. Once the girl found out she was pregnant she left Derek and moved far away from him. 13 years lat...
  • morgan
  • david
  • rossi
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Blind Eyes (book 1 of a Spencer Reid love story) by 2002Heidi
Blind Eyes (book 1 of a Spencer Heidi
Willow Blake was kidnapped when she was 4 . She was raped, tortured, and sexually harassed, she will never want a man to touch her again. Willow's kidnapper blinded her...
  • jenniferjareau
  • fanfiction
  • spencerreid
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Bau groupchat  by kerinc2712
Bau groupchat by kerinc2712
This is basically a 'groupchat' of the current team
  • rossi
  • spencer
  • morgan
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Truth That Speaks (Criminal Minds) by Tearsfillthesky
Truth That Speaks (Criminal Minds)by Bre
"Truth only hurts those who have been comforted by a lie"
  • angst
  • love
  • reid
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Spencer Reid One Shots  by gigi-stories
Spencer Reid One Shots by gigi🌼
Dr. Spencer Reid one shots for your entertainment. Requests closed.
  • fanfiction
  • criminal
  • spencer
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Serendipity - Spencer Reid by reidtrash
Serendipity - Spencer Reidby Grump
Charlotte Greenaway had a long line of cops in her family, starting with her great grandfather, then her grandfather and then eventually her Dad, it was no surprise when...
  • aaronhotchner
  • emilyprentiss
  • criminalminds
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Spencer Reid One Shots by imoklahoma
Spencer Reid One Shotsby imoklahoma
pretty self explanatory. smutty, fluffy, ridiculous, and most things in between. also pretty dead. just gonna be real with y'all, don't expect updates
  • cute
  • criminalminds
  • readerinsert
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❤️Spencer Reid x Reader❤️ by MrsSpencerReid1012
❤️Spencer Reid x Reader❤️by ❤️ Cailyn ❤️
This is a fanfic you should read if u love Spencer Reid and I mean you obviously do 😂 Requests are open!!! Thanks for reading! 👍
  • emilyprentiss
  • reid
  • jj
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Finding Out Secrets (The Covenant Fanfic) by MakeAnImpactOnYou
Finding Out Secrets (The MakeAnImpactOnYou
Blair Salvatore thought she was just moving to a new state, new town, and new prestigious school. What she didn't expect was to find a group of boys similar to her. They...
  • caleb
  • simms
  • magic
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erotic literature ; multifandom by indiatheoncer
erotic literature ; multifandomby i n d i a ◇
this is an erotic book that isn't limited to any certain person or character. strictly smut and probably has some sort of fucked up kinks and fetishes in it somewhere. n...
  • agent
  • veronica
  • chriswood
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