Reminiscing Chapter 29

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The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.

Jim Morrison

Derek paused, eyes glazed as he get lost in the music, tiredly watching the clouds roll by, Spencer sat across from  him, dozing.

There was still some stiffness between the team, Morgan and Hotchner had always butted heads but now it was more apparent than ever. Looking up, the man notices most of the team was asleep, not that he blamed them, it was a hard, long winded case that almost lasted two weeks before they got a solid break.

Grunting as the agent made eye contact with Aaron he was met with a brooding and cold stare. Yeah. They were both pissed off at each other.

Morgan shrugs, eyes falling to his phone, a chine signifying Belle had answered him.

'Hurry back, don't hit any microbursts, I actually kind of missed you Agent White'

He smiles at her playful nature, sending a quick, see you soon back he felt Spencer stir infront of him, peeking out at Derek's soft smile, "Belle?" He mumbles, laughing at the nod he got back. "What's she up to?"

Derek flipped the phone so Reid could see a picture of Belle upside down on Morgan's couch, nose scrunched and hair dangling with the strings of a familiar FBI hoodie that warmed both of the males hearts.

"She seems to be settling well," Prentiss says from her spot next to the Doctor, "have you thought about what's next?"

The man stilled, brows furrowed, "next? What do you mean next?" Tone defensive and eyes narrowed the women's hands shot up, Rossi spoke from beside him.

"I think she means things like school." The Italian says, tone tired, "she is still a teenager."

Derek stills, looking at the photo of the carefree girl on his phone, a protective emotion building in his chest, "I... I don't know if she's ready." The agent admits, shifting uncomfortably as the other team members gazes were on them.

"Have you, I dunno. Asked her?" JJ questioned, an almost teasing but soft look on her face.

Derek looked down not meeting her look and Emily joined in, eyes soft, "Maybe you should see what she wants to do." She says, Rossi nodding in agreeable.

The man in question smiles sheepishly, "I haven't had much of a chance," his eyes fall back down to the photograph, "she's still getting nightmares... she doesn't think I know but I know."

"As many 96% of people with posttraumatic stress disorder  suffer from vivid nightmares that can feel overwhelmingly real." Reid states blinking the sleep from his eyes as he sits up slightly straighter, "it doesn't surprise me, if you talk with the school you can set up an IEP."

Rossi nods, "Now the real question is public or private, I'll fund a private education for my Nipotina, of course."

"I dunno," Derek says, "Belle isn't... she's not the private school type."

Prentiss smiles, "could you image trying to get her in a uniform?" The laughter that followed lit up the cabin of the jet, Derek shaking his head, it would be like giving a cat a bath, and he likes to steer clear of claws thank you very much.

He sighs, "School... is uh, it's not the best place for kids with mental health problems." Derek admits, memories flashing behind his eyes, that and the stories from Spencer... he didn't trust the school system as far as he could throw it.

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