Haircuts Chapter 47

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Hello loves! This is a super long chapter so bear with me! Thank you all for the support and check out my main page for a question that I'd love your answers on!

Anywho, this chapter contain graphic content like

Suicidal thoughts and actions

Read at your own risk

When you're mortal, life is nothing more than a drawn-out game of Russian Roulette. Every moment is the spin of a gun cylinder, every decision pointing the barrel at your head. Over and over, again and again, you pull the trigger, hoping it won't be your last turn in the game.

J.M. Darhower,

Waking up was hard, Belle's eyes were stiff, tears and rheum caking down her cheeks and the corner of her eyes, the light trickled through the window of the Impala, a bottle rattled next to her, Bobby must have put it there along with two water bottles. Sitting up and shrugging off the heavy quilt, she downed a handful of the medication, flushing them down with water and sitting up. Ignoring the dizziness that filled her head as looked around, they must have pulled into a gas station. Grunting she swings the door to baby open. Sniffing at the fresh air that filled her lungs.

Her body ached, a dull pulse that was masked as the pills dissolved, there was a light cough, flipping her head she saw Sam standing awkwardly with a coffee in hand, pushing it into her hand, "Here you go, I just got the regular sugar and stuff." Belle hummed appreciatively as she downed the scorching liquid, ignoring the burn.

"Thanks Sammy," she whispered, swirling the remaining coffee unadroitly, trying to force her eyes away from her Uncle's

He takes a step toward her, freezing as she flinches away, stiffening in defense. "I uhm, I don't now what happened to you this past year, Dean doesn't wanna tell me, and I understand if you don't either, but Belle?" He waits until she drags her eyes to him, "I love you and it's gonna be okay."

"I know it will be," she smiles falsely, Death's promise clutching the deeper parts of her mind, "Uncle Sammy? Are you sure you don't remember-"?

The question on the bridge of the teen's tounge dies as Dean prances over, snacks in his arms as he smiles, "All right lets rock and roll."

Belle shakes her head, turning to slink back into the impala, her elbow caught by her uncle, "You can still ask?"

"No." She jerks her arm from him, not turning her eyes as she addressed him. "Forget it Sam."


A few hours later, they were checking into a motel, Belle scoffed hotly, grabbing her card that she knew Derek didn't know about, and hopefully neither did Aunt Penny, "I'll have a single please," she told the gentleman at the desk, flipping her 'ID' for him as he nodded taking her card and giving her a key. "Just auto charge it for however many nights." She told him slipping him a ten as she walked away from the two men.

"Belle!" Dean yelled after her, the teen waving him off, "We need to work on the case." He snapped leaving Sam to check the two of them in as he followed her in.

The motel was dodgy but not terribly so, looking down at her key, 126, finding the door as Dean stomped after her, "I'll join you after." She hissed at him, "Can you chill the fuck out? Or are you gonna act like a crazy sunnavabitch 24/7?"

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