Racing Chapter 2

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To be heroic is to be courageous enough to die for something; to be inspirational is to be crazy enough to live a little.

Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Stunned silence filled the office. No one knowing what to say next.

"Who is she?" Rossi was the first to speak up, his voice strained with unknown emotions.

"That's just it, we don't know. There haven't been any missing child reports that match her description."

"How could nobody be missing a child? That makes no sense." JJ whispered, staring at the screen.

Spencer's eyes narrowed mouthing along to a line that he caught.

"Hello, Winchester, I've heard you went inactive after Sammy boy took his plunge into the cage. So sad isn't it?" He mumbled. Then repeating it louder to the team."Guys, Winchester as in Sam and Dean Winchester."

"You mean the bat-shit crazy brothers?" Morgan asked eyebrow quirked.

"Think about it, no missing child reports, the use of the last name... this could be the elder brothers child."

"I thought those two died in the helicopter blow out, along with Henriksen and those at the station?" JJ questioned.

"Yeah, but they'd been presumed dead beforehand." Hotch intervened nodding to Spencer's theory.

"But weren't the Winchester brothers profiled as highly co-dependent thrill seekers? A child would surely get in the way of their agenda. Wouldn't they have tried to get rid of her as soon as possible?" Rossi questioned.

"Didn't the unsub say he found her alone. He also said that Sam took 'the plunge into the cage' that could mean death. Dean might have freaked after Sam died, and Jane Doe would have run. She knew she wasn't safe anymore." Derek added in.

"That still doesn't explain why they kept her in the first place." Prentiss wanted to keep everyone on task.

"Dean might have gotten attached or knew she'd be a valuable asset when she got older." Reid rationalized.

"And by being valuable you mean-" Garcia cut herself off at the thought.

"There's another thing that's bothering me, baby girl rewind to when JD spat on our unsub." Garcia followed her orders.

"That's the problem with you hunters. You don't know when to stop."

"There." Morgan pointed and then turned back to his teammates.

"Hunter, he refers to her as a hunter."

The team was taken aback by the term.

"Hunter? What could that mean?" Prentiss questioned the rest of her co-workers.

"The word hunter has many different definitions, you think of it traditionally 'a person or animal that hunts.' But it could also mean a person searching for something."

"So she could have been looking for him?" JJ asked Reid.

"Or her father's serial killing tenancies caught up to her, the unsub could be lookin for revenge," Morgan added.

'What if Dean doesn't come out of hiding..." Garcia trailed.

"Let's not wait and find out, wheels up in thirty," Hotch announced.

"Wait, Sir, where are we going?"

"Lawrence, Kansas."

'We are born with our father's names. We are not responsible for their failures. We are responsible for what they made us believe in. That is our only obligation. And it is even then a choice which we may sometimes be wise to ignore.'

Warren Eyster

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