Saviours Chapter 9

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We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe.
Therefore, everything one does as an individual affects the whole.
All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings,
and deeds are listened to by all that is.
- Serge Kahili King

"Fan out, keep close, JJ with me, Rossi and Prentiss, and Morgan and Reid. Cover as much ground as we can and do not engage if we have no backup, Go!" Hotch ordered as their heels hit the dirt. Each spread off, gun held in resilience spanning out to look for the lost child. 

As they searched the empty tombs and grounds Reid suddenly called over Morgan.   

"Look, it's a house?" He said questioning the tiny building.

It stood as if it hadn't been lived in for decades. The white paint had long peeled off leaving a weathered look behind.

"Huh, promising," Morgan grumbled. "I feel like I'm in a horror movie." He rolled his eyes before talking into his earpiece. 

"Hey, Reid and I are gonna check out a house, stay on standby." 


Derek jerked his arm and had Reid go behind him as they approached the door of the shack. 

"FBI open up!"

The door shuddered violently against the rattles of his fist, they waited a few more seconds before knocking again. 

"This is the FBI open the door or we will use force." When the boys received the same silence Morgan raised his foot to the center of the door and kicked it to the ground, dust flying up in its path. 

Guns raised and flashlights on they made their way through the house. 

"Clear." Reid heard as he checked the rooms, nodding as he sounded off the same. 

"Maybe this isn't-" 

His voice was cut off when a loud cough turning into a painful cry was heard from below their feet. 

Immediately leaping in action Morgan scanned the floor and walls for any door that could be hidden. Whilst Spencer spoke into his mic. 

"We have located a person, looking to see if it's our subject or not."

"Proceed with caution." Came his boss' reply. 

"Copy." He nodded to his partner as they scanned what has used to be the living room.

"Morgan." He called as he found a hidden latch beneath the sofa. Together they moved it aside and opened the unlocked hatch. 

"I'll go first," Derek said, moving down the small ladder that leads into the darkness the other man on his heels. 

As their eyes readjusted to their environment Spencer saw a figure hidden in the room. 

"FBI put your hand where we can see them."

Another strangled cough was heard and their request wasn't followed. Morgan flicked his flashlight around until they could distinguish what the figure was, it was their victim collapsed in a pile of dried blood and vomit. 

Morgan ran over checking for a pulse. 

"Guys we found her, we need an ambulance to our coordinates, wounds are deep and bleeding with a probable concussion and weak pulse, victim is not responding." Derek delivered into his mic.

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