Insanity Chapter 16

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"The Edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." 

― Hunter S. Thompson 

Belle's eyes trained on her stained porcelain skin, blotches of purples and greens showed more than her usual ivory. Although who was she to complain? The apple-green had fully transformed the dull jade that had plagued her orbs. Also, her charming splatter of freckles had comprised the entirety of her cheeks and nose. A deep rosy pink stained plump lips she was in peak condition! Sure a few cracks in her ribs made moving a bit painful, but with the drugs she was filled with? Pah! This was pretty tame, maybe even disappointing. 

Now, that was not to say she got by unscathed, a few more scars were added to her collection, one distastefully on her face.  She tilted her head to get a look at the pink slightly raised line, it wasn't too bad, it ran down her sternocleidomastoid and stopped above her clavicle. This being said, it wasn't her most notable scar, that goes to her Lichtenberg scars, ah yes, how could she forget? The dusty lavender tendrils took up a small part of the left side of her face. Spidering down from her eye and disappearing behind her neck. (See top, her eye is not affected though.) 

She usually had make-up to cover and these past few months it had been covered in a thick layer of grime or dried blood, but now she was clean and make up free, so hello freaky-deaky- face scars. 

A knock startled her off the thoughts racing through her head. Two agents this time, lucky, lucky her! The one whom she'd woken up to was there, and a new boyish man stood beside him, contrasting comedically. 

"Well, to what do I owe this pleasure, Morgan?"

The man smiled kindly at her, eyes furrowing slightly as he noticed the scar that had been hidden by her hair until now.  "Just needed to talk and we wanted to check up on you, we heard you're unhooked."  Deep pools of syrup watched her movements as if she'd collapse. 

"All good here Agent Eyebrows and Dr. Puppy eyes!" Belle plopped to her bed, hair pulled in one of Garcia's elastics. "So whose stretch?" 

Reid's eye narrowed, she used doctor. His correct title, Morgan just shrugged, used to her deductions. "This is Dr. Spencer Reid, my friend." 

Her emerald eyes bored into his before giving an approving nod and biting her lip. "Lemme guess, Alice and Wonderland." 

A bewildered look was her answer. "What?"

She waved him off, "I'll tell you one day what I mean, so why are you here? What must we discuss, other than you having my dear friend I became acquainted with these past months."

The stunned gazes were back as she waited for them to find their voices.  Each sharing a glance, something Belle almost missed, almost. "C'mon whatever heavy shit you want to get into, do it now.  I'm supposed to be discharged soon if tonight goes well, and I've never been the most patient, well, patient." Her manicured eyebrows perked waiting for the pair to answer. 

Morgan nodded before taking a deep breath. "The man, he showed up at the station." 

Her hand raised with a grim, yet knowing look. "He didn't remember it, right?" She let the raised limb fall, she didn't look sad, hurt or scared. Just, tired. 

"How did you know?!" Reid shouted, shuffling his feet and blushing at his volume. The pink turned deeper when her eyes snapped to his piercing through him. 

"Let's just say I know the signs of people who aren't quite there, plus I've read enough mythology to fill its own library." Eyes rolling and tolerance thinning, she continued as if talking to children rather than two educated adults. "The name, Adramelech, kinda obvious." 

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