Anger Chapter 5

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Belle shifted against the metal chair. Feeling the coldness of the bars dig into her back. The heat radiated from her skin, nausea coming in waves as she fought the looming comfort of sleep. Her body heaved sickly, sweat mixing with the sticky dried crimson staining her body. Shivers reaped her body violently, weakening her so much she could barely lift her head, but still no tears, not a single drop left her lid. A deadly tango of life and death took place, each move, every dip, determining what would be her fate. 

He pranced around her victoriously. His eyes boring into her mind, scarring her more than the wounds that littered her skin would. His sickening smile, the curl of his brow. Every detail ingrained in her, living in her nightmares evermore. 

"Sweet little girl, you don't know how much pleasure this brings me, watching you sit there. Helplessly and completely under my power." His voice sang a dreadful melody. 

"Wow, doesn't that make a girl feel special." She spat out, unable to mask her quick wit.

His face contorted, a hand springing out and striking her jaw. 

"Hush now. You must survive until Daddy saves you." He hums, caressing the spot that was turning a vibrant purple. 

"Look, I get it. Revenge, hell ain't a walk in the park, you saviour wasn't all he was cracked up to be. I feel for ya man, truly, but if this is gonna work? You need to realize he ain't coming." 

"I just don't believe you, and if it's true then, Winchester, I will skin you." He says dragging out the word. 

"Aren't you just a kinky sonnavabitch? Sorry to disappoint, but I draw the line at necrophilia." 

Before the man can respond, the small telly that had been playing switched to a breaking news channel. A picture of him plastered to it, along with 'Amber Alert' flashing on the screen followed by her picture. 

He sprang over, turning the volume up so he could hear.

"-In that the FBI has called for an Amber alert over a Jane Doe, who is approximately fifteen and was last seen with this male. We are live with the leading agents now, Karen, how is it looking?"

To professionally dressed agents stood speaking into the unnecessary amount of mics. 

"We have a message for the man who has taken her, if you cooperate we will be able to aid you in your search for Dean Winchester. You must follow these steps first call the FBI hotline, talk to us. Ms Winchester, if you hear us, we will find you, hang in there." The man explained carefully. It seemed Adramalech grew angrier by the second. The female agent took questions and he lashed out, breaking chairs and throwing a table. Then his head snapped to Belle.

"Get your pretty face on, you are the star of my next video."

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