Sneak Peak

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They say that a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet

"I thought they were dead." He hears her admit, ignoring the stabbing pangs of anxiety that came with her confession. "They were supposed to be dead, gone, they were supposed to be gone." She sobs.

Thinking about such a slight shift in the world, creating a wonderfully powerful yet devastating event always baffled Belle. 

A roadblock sidetracked Penny as she frantically tried to find her and Derek to keep her talking. "Kiddo... who's there? Is... who's not dead?"

"Dean... he's alive; I'm sorry," she cries, "I didn't want to hurt you, but there's something that needs to happen before I can come back... I'll be able to come back, right?" Her voice was so frail and brittle... like a simple vowel could destroy her entire existence.

The agent shook his head, "Of course, but you can come back now; please, I can help you."

There was a moment; maybe she was considering it; perhaps she was thinking of a way to let him down gently. "Okay... Okay, Dad, I'll come home... just.. uhm, wait for me to text you my location?" she whispered, and when those words fell from her lips, she felt as if a shift had happened within the universe, as if she diverted from the world she once nestled herself so comfortably in.

He let out a sob of alleviation, and he could feel the stiffness in his arms loosen momentarily, "Yeah, okay, kid..."

How the diverting of fate was interesting, to know that something like a wish upon a dandelion could cause tornadoes.

On the other side of the country, Belle sat outside a motel, tears streaming down her face as she curled into her body. Ignoring the sound of Dean walking out of the room, looking at her form. The tears, the pain, everything. "I didn't want to leave you." He stated, "I just... I couldn't be a dad at the moment; I couldn't."

It reminded her of a painting she once saw, Three Medlars with a Butterfly, 

"It's fine," Belle states, her voice numb and monotone; she doesn't even blink as she stares out in front of her. "I found a new family," She turned, her head held high, until his eyes bore into her, "Which is why my answer is no," Belle stated, arms crossing her chest with anger flaring in her bones.

a religious metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a cocoon, emerging as a butterfly, symbolically mirrored the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

"I- what?" Dean asks, reeling as if the teen struck him.

She lifted her hands and shoved his chest, "You left me!" She screamed, "I almost died! Let me cry you a river because you couldn't be a dad. I didn't ask to be your child!" She shouted, ignoring the looks of those passing by. "I didn't ask to be born!"

Her father looked at her in shock; she nodded before wiping the tears from her eyes, picking up the burner, and typing in her location, "I'm sending this to my family in Quantico; you have until they get her to get out of my life." She muttered, pressing the button and throwing the phone to the ground, crushing it with her boot. "So you better disappear real quick." Belle spat, ignoring the dizzy spell as the man she'd sacrificed so much for looking at her with the pain of betrayal.

"You ain't my kid." He muttered, "You're not a Winchester."

Belle sat with the remnants of the burner, eyes staring out blankly ahead, "And it's a damn good thing too," she sighed, not flinching as the wind nipped at her body, "cause I gotta feeling that it'd be my death sentence."

With that, Dean moved, shouting out to Sam as they packed the Impala and left. Once again, she was watching the taillights of that damn car because he had left. 

Resurrection was such a funny thing,

"Belle!" Morgan came around the corner, hand resting on his gun as he eyed the person at the door; Spencer coming right behind him. "Who the hell are you?" He snapped, Reid coming out to grab the baby from her hands. "Belle?"

"My name is Jaibrien," The creature breathes out, "I'm an angel of the lord and protector of Ecclesia." 

 was it not?

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