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The smell of rust rushed into the young teenage girl. A sulphuric aura surrounded her. Arms bound behind her back, her shoulders ached in pain.

Scarlett liquid washed down in streaks. Collecting down her porcelain jawline before dripping to the frigid stone beneath her.

Tears threatened to surpass the lids of her eyes, but none had fallen. Trapped like a dam,  holding back the sea of emotion waiting to break loose.

A man pranced victoriously around her. His feet follow an invisible path. Each step was delivered purposefully.

His tantalizing smile embedded itself into her memories. Ripping its way through light-filled dreams. Surrounding her with death and darkness.

His movement halted. A hooked dagger trailed the t-zone of the girl's face. Ever so lightly, the warning made itself known.

The man leans over, and the look of pure evil lurks in his eyes. Quickly, they switched. Flushing the once-normal hazelnut into a charcoal abyss.

"Smile for the camera."

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