Highschool Part 1 Chapter 30

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“All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.”
– Ken Robinson

Staring up at the ceiling is her favourite past time.

No really, it's some grade A entertainment.

Alright, let's go over what's happened over this past week, right?

Derek apparently took her yes to Highschool to heart because he and Penny delved into research the next day.

And yeah the conversations were fuckin cute, but honestly Garcia doing a deep background check on every teacher, past reports, diversity levels and graduation rate? Little overkill.

So when they finally decided on a good school, Red Osier High, Derek immediately set up meetings, Belle was apparently not able to attend because it was "adult conversations" as the school administrators said.

Utter Bullshit.

On the bright side, the school was public, but it got extra funding because a lot of government worker's children attended, Belle called favoritism but apparently that only produced a ruffle of her hair from Derek.

Anyways, the Agent turned out to enjoy the school immensely, so they were starting to begin the entrance process.

One problem, her last name.

Belle's head lifted and thumped back down as Derek knocked on her door, peaking in when a mumbled, "Yeah?" Escaped the teen, looking at her sprawled form softly he sat down in one of her chairs, angling it toward the bed, shoulders heavy with thought .

"Hey kiddo," He said, trailing when she sat up to make eye contact with him, "I wanted to talk to you about something."

The girl watches him carefully, sitting up on her bed. "What's up?"

Derek shifted uncomfortably, playing with his fingers, pausing so he could think, "As we start your schooling process we have to talk about your name." Belle looked at him confused her shoulders relaxing.

"My name?" She echos, a rush of emotion flooding through her, what did her name have to do with any of this?

The male glanced at her eyes, before moving away slightly, "your last name, Winchester is... it's still a known name." Derek explains, hands clasped together, "so what we can do is pick a different last name... Or keep it, but that would put you at risk."

Belle froze, change her name? Not be a Winchester anymore? Yeah it wasn't the best gig, monsters ghouls and demons all wanted a piece of your ass, plus the occasional hunter, but it was still her name, she fought for it, she'd died for it...and now... "I..." she trailed, fear coursing through her body, her hands shaking, "what names could we go with?" Belle asks, biting her lip worriedly.

The agent sighed, "uhm, we could go with Apollyon, your birth mother's name." He says quietly, "we could choose a different one, a random one." He paused as his eyes bore into the teen, cutting himself off as he looks at her concerned expression. "Or you could take my last name." Belle froze, shock spreading across her face, "You could become Belle Mary Morgan."

"You'd..." she swallows thickly, "you'd do that for me?"

Derek smiled kindly, "of course kiddo, I'd do anything for you."

Belle broke off with a whine, her lip caught between her teeth, as she nodded, "thank you," she whispered, a tear slipping down her cheek as she narrows her eyes at her lap. "All I seem to be doing right now is crying."

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